Kuala Lumpur Attractions: Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur

The Islamic Arts Museum is a place you should not miss if you are keen to learn more about Islamic culture and history.

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Located just near to the famous Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur and a stone throw away from the National Mosque, the Islamic Arts Museum houses artifacts all the way from China, Southeast Asia, India and even the famous regions like the Middle East and Iran. Exhibitions are held here from time to time to provide education Islam.
The museum have a few galleries and each of these galleries contains various kind of artefacts.

The first gallery houses displays of Islamic architecture featuring small scale of the world’s most important mosque such as the Prophet’s mosque in Medina and the Al Haram Mosque in Mecca.

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Small scale Mecca

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Small scale Taj Mahal, India

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Tengkera Mosque Melaka, Malaysia

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Dome of The Rock, Juruselam

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Da Xue Xi Mosque, China

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An Ottoman manuscript

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Handwritten Holy Quran

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Various kinds of manuscripts

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The Ottoman’s room

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A display of the prayer mat

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Textile exhibits

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Jewelries exhibits

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Dome architecture

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There’s practically a world of Islam for you to see and learn over here in Islamic Arts Museum, definitely worth your time if you are interested in arts and culture.

The best way to get to the Islamic Arts Museum is of course either by taxi or by driving here. But if you want to experience taking public transport in Kuala Lumpur, you can take the KTM Komuter and stop at the Old Railway Station and walk your way to the museum.

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Address: Jalan Lembah Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Office Number: +603 2274 2020
Opening Hours: 09:00am – 06:00pm (Daily)

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