3 Things to Do When You Bring Home a New Dog

For many people, a family doesn’t feel complete unless there is a dog in the mix. Dogs bring a great deal of love and joy into the family circle and can also help to teach the younger members of the family about responsibility and what it means to care for another.

You might find that you would like to adopt a dog for your family for these and many other reasons. However, if you haven’t owned a dog before, you might not be aware of what you need to do to get started on the right foot with your new furry friend.

The fact of the matter is that it is going to take some time for your new dog to get used to its new home. It is likely used to a very different sort of environment, so you should be prepared for a bit of an adjustment period right from the start. However, with the right amount of preparation and planning, you can make this transitional period for your dog and your family much smoother for everyone involved.

With that in mind, here are three things that you will want to do when you bring home your new dog.

1. Call the Vet

Just because the dog that you have adopted is healthy and in good shape, that doesn’t mean that you should put off making the first call to the vet. You will need to register your dog with a vet and make sure that your pup has received all recommended and required vaccinations.

It is a good idea to do a quick search on veterinary clinics in your area prior to bringing your pup home so that you can make sure to find one that offers all of the services that you are looking for. For example, some vet clinics, such as Green Valley Veterinary Clinic, offer grooming services in addition to quality veterinary care.

2. Make Space for Your Pup

Another thing that you will want to take care of before you bring your new dog home is to designate a specific place for him or her in your house. For example, find an ideal place to put a doggy bed and all of their new toys so that they will know right away that they have a place that is all their own.

By giving your dog its own space, you can help them to feel more at ease with their new home. When they know that they can retreat to their own space when they are tired or overwhelmed, they will acclimate much quicker.

3. Prepare the Family

Your dog isn’t the only one who is going to be experiencing a major life change when you bring them home. The rest of your family will also need to be ready for the new addition. Make sure that you take steps to prepare kids, especially younger ones, for the new arrival so that they know how they should treat their new pup.

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