Ventriloquist and the string puppet

As of late… there’s a lot of racial issue in Bolehland. I will refrain from commenting too much… but my hyperactive brain couldn’t help but conjure up a theory…. a theory where it’s a lot like physic’s law of inertia and momentum… where an object would be in a state of in-animation unless it’s being disturbed by an outside force.

There are so many so… being daring to discriminate openly and do things that’s deemed religiously and racially sensitive…so very daring that I wonder, if they are being compensated for that, considering that they are living in the place where they knew how others valued unity and indiscrimination so much, and what is at stake when they speak of those words so publicly and openly. They knew the consequences. So why?

A thought, indeed… are they… somebody’s string puppets? I could only come to such conclusion. I don’t understand why… after so long living in a harmonious country such as this… some people still do not know how to respect others and accept people as they are.

My only logic is that… they were either paid for their words, or coerced into doing this to provoke mass hatred, so that some ventriloquist could benefit from it in many ways… I’m quite skeptical that they are doing these things that could harm their career and whatnot at their own accord, without having some support from an unknown force.

Cleffairy: Ridiculous? Maybe… maybe not. Something is not right with the pictures. The occurrence of things… are pretty much simultaneous that it’s laughable! Coincidence, as Einstein would say, is never an accident.


  1. claire says:

    Many days i have not been reading the papers except for the online sports.. ok, i go quick quick and see what’s up… but the more i read, the more “irritated” i become.. so i think it is best to skip if possible..

    • Cleffairy says:

      πŸ™ Yalah… very irritating… I mean… how long have we all been in Malaysia, living together… why still no respect. You see… the headmistress case… and also the Lim Guan Eng’s in the khutbah Jumaat case… all sensitive matters. And who is actually benefiting from this? *snarl*

  2. MRC says:

    Haha I like this one – As in my matrix posting on agent smith – some ppl can be used by 3rd party as their agent to achieve their goals – & dont dismiss this possibility as there’re many type of people in this world πŸ˜€

  3. MRC says:

    Ummm…depends… Play mastermind game good lah but why some ppl like to be real mastermind (esp behind those evil, shrewd plans etc)..(sigh)

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