When I first laid my eyes on the cover of this book, it immediately transported me to when I was a mere 17 years old teenager. I was sent back to the time when I was in college, where my boyfriend then, (now husband) appeared at the window of my hostel room, giving me a champagne rose through my window in the middle of the night.

I could still remember that night clearly. The night when he gave me the champagne rose. It was the beginning or our relationship.

I knew that I must have this book when I saw it on Booksneeze, no matter what it takes because it reminds me of my husband and I when we were young, and were deeply in love.

Anyway, enough about my love story. The cover of this book is really romantic and looks sweet, and that alone makes me wanna get my hands on it. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, as what looks nice on the surface, doesn’t neccessarily be nice on the inside.

The saying doesn’t apply here though, because I found this book is really inspiring and… mesmerizing. It’s nice on the outside, and also on the inside. Wholesome goodness.

Faithful by Kim Cash Tate is about 3 friends who are struggling in their life, and in finding love. Faithful tells the life of Cydney, Dana and Phyllis.

Cydney is forty years old, still single with a ticking biological clock. She’s more than certain that she will find the right man to marry, but she couldn’t seems to find the right man. One day, she attended her sister’s wedding as maid of honour, and she found that her life is suddenly complicated by the best man’s whom in her opinion, is a complete opposite of what she wants in a husband.

Cydney’s best friend Dana on the other hand is married, but one day, she discovered that her husband was having an affair, and was completely crushed at the revelation. Dana found herself being thrown into a whirlwind of emotion that she’s not sure she could withstand.

Phyllis on the other hand is a devout Christian who is married to a faithless man, and felt that something is incomplete with her marriage. She couldn’t relate to her husband, and felt that she’s spiritually void. She longs for completion, and enters a perfect Christian man in her life.

Reading Faithful is like being thrown into the world of Cydney, Dana and Phyllis. Their world seems to crumble beneath their feet, and they’re barely hanging on. The three women are broken, shattered and hurt, and all they want is to stop the pain and heal once again.

Faithful is about having faith, and accepting that sometimes, life doesn’t go as you planned. You must learn to accept things as they are, and the world as it is, instead of how you want it to be. And this book also teaches you that all is never lost when you open your heart to God’s words… and also… honour your vows.

A good read? Well… the book is dramatic and emotional. Intense, no doubt, and you can’t help but feel for the three women portrayed in the story. A cross between a chic-lit and romantic Christian fiction.

Recommended to those who feels that their world is going against them, and in need of assurance that everything will be all right, and all you need is just a little fath.

I rate this book 4 stars out of 5. Thumbs up.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers for an advance reading as part of their Booksneeze bloggers program . I was not required to write a positive review and therefore, the book review is 100% my own opinion.

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  1. Nightwing says:

    Nice review…will check it out. Thanks for sharing it. Do u have facebook? Mine is under [email protected] (richard grayson).

    Spend most time in FB…which lead to low posting at my crib (will try to blog more).

    Any way…will check out the book at the local bookstore…who knows…maybe my wife will like it too…:)

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ohh… I received this book for an advance reading from Thomas Nelson publisher… check this out :

      Faithful by Kim Cash Tate is not launched yet. It’ll be officially launched on 14th Sept, if I’m not mistaken, but it can be pre-ordered now. 😀

      Yes, I do have facebook. LOL… but I dun really lurk there much. Mine is [email protected] (Elizabeth Toh)

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