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I am not a famous or popular person. In fact, nobody in the blog advertising industry actually know who is Cleffairy. More often than not, each time I attend any events or blog advertising campaign, organizers from Nuffnang especially, will ask me… “Cleffairy? Who?” and then they will look at me from head to toe and ask me this ” You’re not a blogger, are you?” and then this one will follow “Are you sure you’re invited? Cuz this is for media or bloggers only!”.

Oh, good grief… I’m a freelance journalist for God’s sake! Even if I’m not a blogger, I am still a member of the media. A media practitioner, in fact! *SNARL* Why all bloggers must represent Nuffnang is beyond my comprehension! Dudes, babes, whatever, that is stereotyping! DUH!

But then again, they are right in some ways I suppose. You can say that I am not exactly a blogger. I am a freelance writer… or rather, a novelist. So they are right in some ways. I am not quite a blogger… or rather, not exactly your typical blogger. People do not exactly recognize me through the pictures in my blog because I don’t put them up for public viewing. People usually recognize me through my writings.

Despite of my lack of popularity and public recognition in the world of blogging, I am glad that I knew a lot of friends through blogging. I met so many wonderful people through blogging. Truthfully, I did not realize that I come to know so many good friends through blogging until Eugene pointed it out to me. 😀

Yes… I met Eugene when I was in Penang last week during my…. ahemm… vacation. 😀 I did not meet him alone. He brought his wonderful family along and treated my family and I to dinner. Jovial and Marvel was such darlings. They were so quiet and very shy. >.< Made me wonder if they are scared of me?

Anyway, I really appreciate it that Eugene made an effort to meet me when I told him that I decided to extend my stay in Penang for one more day (geez… I didn’t get enough of Penang… not enough food, not enough adventure, not enough romance… bwhahaha, and I was actually hoping to meet Eugene and his family. Not that I admitted it to him when we meet up, anyway. *BLUSH* I feel shy….)

My timing was all wrong. Eugene was actually hooked up for alot of appointments during my stay in Penang. He’s really a nice guy and goes all out for you, and I feel lucky to have known him.

My first impression on him is that he’s a very cool and casual guy. But still water runs deep. He’s much more than just a casual guy wearing a faded, comfortable Hawaiian shirt. After a few minutes chatting with him over my chicken wings, I come to realize that he’s a rather passionate person. He’s passionate with whatever he do and he’s also a very attentive person. Eugene have a very strong memory and could recall many things about you, and definitely have a strong view on certain current issues that’s going on in the country. Eugene is also a very good conversationalist, and if you’re to meet him in person, I have no doubt that you’d feel comfortable around him. Having a conversation with him is effortless and he reminds me of my own father.

Thank you, Eugene, for spending time with me and my family. I want you to know that I really do appreciate the fact that you rescheduled your appointments just to accommodate me for dinner. I’ll never forget that. And I hope I did not scare you off with my appetite for food. >.< LOL. You have yet to see my DBKL ability. LOL!

Cleffairy: If you say I am popular or famous, then you are wrong. Nobody out there actually know me. I am just blessed with wonderful friends who keep me in their thoughts.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Actually, you reminded me of my grandpa. LOL! You’re very soft spoken, just like my grandpa. My grandpa very softspoken and spoil all his granddaughters wan. ROFLOL! Eugene reminded me of my father… cuz they looks almost the same age leh… and he’s very attentive like my father too. =.=

      Tarak mengumpat u wan lah… wakakakakaka…he just said he met you twice and he looks up to you like a fatherly figure. 😀

  1. Mandy Koay says:

    Oh! U go back to Penang ah! Must be very syok la!! At last u meet Eugene n family.. He’s a cool guy! Last time I don’t have the chance to meet his sons. His wife is a sweet n nice lady!! Glad you have so much fun there…

  2. eugene says:

    Yes, STP Cleff said you were just like her granddad, ditto,,,don;t get mad at me,she said that,,hahahhahaha.

    but the way,Cleff nice meeting you,Adrian and Garfield…take care now,sorry that i did not spend enough time with you guys cos i guess the timing was not right,kan

    never mind kalau ada jodoh, semua jadi ,right?

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… Cikgu is sooooo gonna spank spank me for that! LOL!

      It’s all right, Eugene… the timing was not right and I know you’re busy…having dinner with you to chit chat was enuff. Thank you for spending time with us.:D

  3. claire says:

    I met Eugene many many times already.. lost count liow.. hahahaha… ok ok, that is not the truth… met him few times only nia.. cos he is such a friendly man, couldnt help meeting him again and again.. hahaha.. not true also, not only him but with few others as well…
    Hope he can organize a bloggers’ meet in Penang.. hahaha… i think he takut liow after the last time..

  4. ying ying dai tao har says:

    glad to know that you came visiting penang and met a blogger from penang. i hope one day will meet you guys in real person. it’s a blessing to know all of you from blogsphere and start following your blogs. blessed weekend 🙂

  5. smallkucing says:

    Ya la…those people must think you budak kecil sesat from Playland to their events kot? There are many people who would wear “colored specs” to look at people one. You wear normal normal, tarak dressed to kill they will look down on you

    • Cleffairy says:

      Haihh… u kno where I can buy push up wonder bra or not? Wear wonder bra den can make my boobs looks bigger, den I wear bling bling like go disco, den mebbe ppl will not tink I am budak kecik sesat from McD playland!

  6. Twilight Man says:

    I think I rather be in your shoes and be unknown. I have become well known for all wrong reasons ~ constant swearings and blog wars that got me embroiled over 1 year ago. Blek!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hah… I am actually an anonymous blogger…. whenever I attend an invited event, nobody really knows who I am, and truthfully, I kinda enjoy that. Why? LOL… cuz I know ppl and they have no clue who I am… feel syok ah…. I recognize ppl and ppl dun even know that I am ‘Cleffairy’ even though they read my blog and I commented in their blogs and stuff. (OMg, that is so stalker-like) Just that sometimes, i feel annoyed that ppl have to stereotype bloggers… keep tink that if you’re bloggers, surely you’re a Nuffnang blogger. Grrr… so irritating! Can’t bloggers represent themselves or a less known advertising agency? TSK!

      Blog war? Tell me about it… I was kinda ‘famous’ 3 years back as well… all because of blog war too!

  7. Isaac Tan says:

    Hi Cleffairy,
    stumbled unto this post, nice to see you’ve met up with Eugene too! He’s really a very nice guy from Penang, met up with him a couple of times and I tell you it was really pleasant.

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