Sin-ful Cake

Everyone have been quite busy with their own family and work lately. I have been busy as well…with work, family, and the pressure of my husband studying again (Nah, I’m exaggerating. It’s not a pressure, but a pleasure as I love it when my husband decided to pursue his study again. He’s much more attractive and sexy when he’s studying.) and I haven’t been going out socializing too much. πŸ™ Did not have the time for it. *SIGH* It’s been hectic up til end of June.

Anyway, I was saying that everyone have been busy and have not much time to meet up like we used to… and Cynthia, being as thoughtful as ever, made me my favourite SINFULLY moist chocolate cake when I told her that we’d probably meet up at an event dinner that we both have been coincidentally invited to last Friday. πŸ˜€

She’s certainly thoughtful, isn’t she? Damn… now I don’t think I had enough of the cake. =.= It’s not too sweet (Cyn knows me best) and very moist. Ohhh… it’s so yummy. Thank you very much, Cyn… this will probably be my sinful companion during my writing hours in the middle of the night over a cuppa iced tea. πŸ˜€

Want some, ladies and gentlemen? Nah… you can’t have mine. If you want it, you got to hop over to her home bakery at CYNFUL PLEASURE and order it from her. LOL!

Cleffairy: Now, please excuse me while I go and stuff my face with more chocolate cake!:P


    • Cleffairy says:

      Her chocolate cakes are better than the ones you get at Secret Recipe. LOL… wakakakaka…. Twilight Man cake? LOL… mebbe u can try bodek her… mana tau! LOL!

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… put on a few kilos I dun mind la… anyway… hard to grow fat la… all my kakaks has been feeding me like nobody’s business, and yet… I am still scrawny. LOL!

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