A blast @ iTalk Whoa Launching

As I was saying in my earlier entry, I was attending iTalk Whoa launching at Borneo Rainforest, Sunway. It was a hell of a party, and I really had fun over there.

I’m abit tired tonight, so, excuse me while I let the pictures do the talking. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I’m no photographer, but a writer. LOL… and I was intoxicated when I snap those photos… so, yeah… LOL…

A banner welcoming bloggers and media representatives to the launching party.

The party was really crowded, as you can see. The picture above shows bloggers and media reps alike before Bunkface started to sing.

Launching& speech by that iTalk big guy. He was introducing iTalk Whoa to the guests, if memory serves me right.

It is interesting to note that the organizer had taken the trouble to setup a network of PCs for the guests who attend this event to test out iTalkWhoa.

Click the pic above to check out iTalk Whoa.

To those who is not familiar with local band, this is Bunkface, singing ‘Through My Window’. I didn’t manage to record the vid of them singing cuz I was dancing away.Anyway, click the vid below to watch the MTV where Bunkface sings ‘Through My Window’.

Through My Window

Okay… I got to admit, the lead vocalist was hot, so I can’t help but snap this picture. This is the second time I saw them in action. πŸ˜› The first was in 2008 when I was invited to another event. πŸ˜€ The band is still as hot as ever. Their performance was really full of energy. They’re guilty for making me dance the night away that night.

Apart from Bunkface’s powerful and energetic performance, there was of course, food at the launching. :D. It’s simply a great combination… good food, good music, intoxicating drinks…I had so much fun helping myself that night.

The salad bar…

A pot of mushroom soup…

The heavy stuff for the hungry, ravenous shark like me. There’s rice, pastas and fried noodles.

LOL… sorry, I can’t help it… I simply love the salad… LOL… πŸ˜›

No prize for guessing into whose stomach these yummylicious chicken salad goes into. LOL…

The dessert, tiramisu and creme brulee…the taste are kinds weird to my liking.

My plate of food on the 3rd round after the dance. Ahahahah…salad with generous helping of dressing, fettucini and cream sauce as well as chicken salad and garden salad. Gosh…I was so damn hungry after all the dancing.

My feet was practically aching by the end of the iTalk Launching event, but it’s all worth it, cuz I not only get to have fun, but I get a goodie bag as well.

Goodie bag from the event.

Containing this:

LOL…all together now… WHOA! Ahahahahaha…. I get to bring this back home… for me to use with iTalk Whoa. πŸ˜› Stay tune for the next entries…I’ll be posting an introduction to iTalk Whoa soon. πŸ˜€

Cleffairy: Dancing Queen, always 17!!!


    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… I never put my pictures in my blog or anywhere online wan. LOL…I mean… dun have my face wan la. So ugly, nobody wanna see wan la. Ppl see liao will vomit blood. Kenot la… kenot kill my readers, later I go jail!

      LOL…yeah… my feet was really, really tired after dancing all night long. πŸ˜› Been some time since I got into my wild mood.

      LOL…the salad was yummy… I had 3 helpings of it. *pengsan* If everyone like me… event organizers will bancrupt.

        • Cleffairy says:

          I bet they get food posioning and muntah muntah after see my face. LOL…eeee… I where can wear high heels? I cannot balance wan… that shoe is not high heels… it’s a flat. LOL…

          I eat a lot wan, dun gv face wan…but kenot grow big oso. Very nice.

  1. suituapui says:

    Face like that handsome kah? So skinny…and seems to be suffering from severe insomnia. I would think that this is the life you crave and miss a lot…but unfortunately, you are tied down by your kid, through no mistake of his – poor boy…and you vent your frustration on him. I had my share of this kind of life…and did not marry till I was almost 30, very late by the standard in those days and my daughter came much later. By then, I had more or less settled down, having had my share of fun…and was ready for a wholesome family life. Sure I do miss those days…but being a parent would need A LOT of sacrifices.

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… like me lorr, skinny and have insomnia. *sigh* Not really, this is not the kind of life I miss. I miss the quiet life where I can have some time do do things for myself instead of other people. These days…all I do is fetch things for people and clean up after people. Make me so geram lorr.

      I want the ‘ME’ time… to unwind and chill once in a while. I enjoyed this event not because I can have fun, but because for once… the noise comes not from crying or temper tantrums. πŸ™ Some people asked me before, why never hear me say anything good about the brat. In truth, there’s nothing good for me to say. What am I supposed to say? Wahhh, the boy so cute, everyday cry like mad to get people’s attention? Or how he loves to steal things from me and his father? Or maybe… tell people how he chopped off my hair with scissors just because his grandmum cut his hair without my permission and tinks it’s all right to cut mine when I was asleep? πŸ™ Geez… not exactly a front page material. Truthfully, I was lucky he decided only to cut off my hair and not stab me to death instead. Since den, I tak bagi muka oredi.

      πŸ™ I’m very strict with the boy cuz I expect him to be better…. I never want anyone to treat him as special just because he’s an ADHD child(in my opinion, though… it is not ADHD… but Asperger…they must have misdiagnosed).

      πŸ™ It’s just sickening when people tell me, be patient, he’s special, bla bla bla. I dun see it that way. Special or not…he needs to BEHAVE. The boy really got to learn that the world is harsh and wun go the way he wants it to be. He will thank me for that someday. πŸ™ As of late, he damn jahat, I tell you. He steal from me and touch people’s stuff without permission.*snort* Dono learn from where oso. I feel like chopping off his his hands, no joke! If I dun discipline him now…wait grow up become a robber! He’s exposed to enough bad influence from others. Grandparents can spoil him, but I will not do that.

      • suituapui says:

        Ya…some kids do cut people’s hair – usually the siblings – end up looking like it has been bitten by mice…and some do steal things. Some will bite other kids, some will write on walls…etc etc etc. Have to advise…and let them outgrow all that. Not easy to be a parent but it’s a responsibility you undertake when you have a baby/child…

        • Cleffairy says:

          *sigh* I feel like get slapped in face lerr, when he did those things, and I realize one thing, must really discipline him before it’s too late. All these while, everyone spoiled and let him have his ways, but I can’t afford it anymore. πŸ™ He dowan listen, den I have to make him listen. πŸ™ I never did believe in rotan, but I see my boy is the kind that I have to use rotan… πŸ™ I was not that kind of child, though…sked like a little mousie wan…daddy bark abit nia, sked d and will hide behind mummy while crying. This boy… bark at him, he bark back at you! So kenot spare the rod lerr…

  2. claire says:

    wah..sei.. Cleffairy!! U were the dancing queen I bet! dance till the legs sore sore already. Wish I could dance like u! hahahaa… Great la, knowing u attended this glamour party and having a good time there… Ok, back to serious stuff, this whoa thingy, is it something like gmail.. we can rec emails and chat at the same time? OK, will wait patiently for more info..

    • Cleffairy says:

      Dance til kaki oso sakit d. I’m quite a party animal wan, actually. Just need to let me loose in a correct place. Ahahaha… LOL… I will introduce iTalk Whoa soon. :PLOL…

  3. fatty oldman says:

    looks like drug addict more den hansem ler…lol

    thats y lar so itchy wana fuck everyday n go marry early now wana enjoy oso cant…hehe

  4. kathy says:

    wa…that one is chicken salad ah?I thought it’s YeeSang :P.

    Yoh dancing queen. Got dance your bollywood belly grinding SSS shaking dance ka?

  5. Mommy Ling says:

    hmmm..i like ur heels..hmmm wondering wat u were wearing…got show ur belly button, ka while dancing Bollywood dance..hahhaha

    Ok…i m wondering is this I-Talk Whoa…faster faster tell us more. Got special rate if i m Cleffairy’s reader…LOL!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wahhhh.. want discount? I’m PCD ambassador, not TM worr. LOL…

      Eh, that one is not high heels… I never pakai high heels wan, Mummy Ling. That shoes is flat. LOL…

  6. manglish says:

    ehhhhhhh must get invited baru can go one ar….next time bring me leh…..free is it? if not free can forget about it hahahahaaha

  7. iamthewitch says:

    Oooohh DANCING QUEEN! I loved Bunkface’s performance that night too! Saucer took a video of it! πŸ˜‰ Will share it once we upload it to youtube! πŸ™‚

    • Cleffairy says:

      This one is one in a blue moon. Been years since i really had fun lah. LOL…suffering kah? Kesian…go complain to Donna… she can complain wif u… she oso suffering in office. LOL…

  8. CHVoon says:

    I miss the event! But never mind.
    ErÒ€¦ Why you show your pretty legs here.
    Foongpc also shows his leg during holiday at Kenyir lake.
    I need to show my leg too!!!! Cannot lose to your guys!!!

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