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This is the continuation of the previous story. Click HERE to read it.

And so, with the help of Astrea’s guardian cat and the beautiful good witch, the fairy princess finally made up her mind to choose the Rosette Neckline Silky Dress With Waist Tie from Irenelim Fashion online boutique after pondering on which dress she should wear to the masquerade.

Earlier on, she didn’t really know which dress she should choose, but in the end, a sense of deja vu washed through her when she saw that dress. It’s actually the same dress she wore back then when she was in her own realm. It was not sexy…it’s just plain and demure, almost fairy-like.

The dress she chose features an organza overlay embellished with an exquisite neckline topped with rosettes. Romantic and innocent. It was just like the dress that she have worn when she first met the devil king in the times before her memories were erased by the evil sorceress. Something just tugged to her heart to get that dress, despite the fact that other dresser are much more sexier would get more attention from the crowds.

The dress was delivered to her just before the masquerade, and without further ado, she puts on the dress that came from Irenelim Fashion, and rushed to the masquerade.

Unlike Cinderella, Astrea were not late to the masquerade. In fact, she was punctual, and there was a crowd of horny ladies with sexy, revealing dresses who lusts after Narcissus, the one whose heart actually belongs to her.

After five minutes being in the masquerade, Astrea felt uncomfortable with the snickering around her. The people who were attending the masquerade said she was too plain, and a girl like her shouldn’t be attending such a posh event hosted by one of the town’s most eligible bachelor.

Narcissus who was in his human form, on the other hand, were completely bored with the mortals’ antics and wondered to himself why humans are so lusty and vain. For a the briefest moment, he contemplate on destroying the humans who attended the masquerade. It was completely an eyesore for him to see the mortals antics.

Then he caught a glimpse of something familiar. A petite figure that stood in front of a door, contemplating to leave and she resembles his fairy princess. His heart skipped a few beat before restarting with a resounding thud. That’s her! That’s Astrea, the love of his life, his Queen, the one who vowed to love him til her soul is no more and she was about to walk away from him before he could even have the chance to get close to her. He couldn’t be wrong. He could recognize her anywhere, despite the fact that she hid her face beneath the masquerade mask.

Alarmed, Narcissus made way towards her in order to stop her from leaving the mansion, but much to his chagrin, the mortals who were attending the masquerade began to flock him, thinking that they will have a chance with him as long as they danced with him.

Feeling insufficient and self conscious, Astrea turn around to leave, but the good witch appeared out of nowhere and stopped her from leaving. The good witch told her that she would regret if she leave, and that the love that she craved for all this while is just a few steps away.

Astrea laughed, almost mirthlessly at the witch’s words. She told the witch bitterly that nobody would ever want a plain girl like her. Finally escaping the mortals, Narcissus finally managed to get to where she was standing, just in time to hear the conversation between Astrea and the beautiful witch.

“You could never be plain, princess…” Narcissus said as he held a single stalk of rose in his hands and offered it to her.

“Would you honour me with a dance?” he then asked her, bewitching her completely. Absent- mindedly, as if under an enchantment, she agreed, earning gasps of disbelief from the people around her. Envious whispers were on air, but both of them take no heed of it.

They dance the night away in each other’s arms, never wanting the night to be over and wishing that time could just stop for both of them.

The witch who was present at all time watched thoughtfully, hoping hard that they would end up together.

So… ladies and gentlemen… did they end up together? Did Astrea’s memories return to her and did Narcissus managed to win her heart all over again? Only time will tell, but for what it’s worth, thanks to the efficiency of Irenelim Fashion online boutique’s crew, the fairy princess managed to go to the masquerade without hassle. You might want to check them out… who knows you’ll get yourself a magical time of your life with a little bit of their help?

Cleffairy: This is just a teaser. In the real Royal Masquerade, Narcissus never did pursue Astrea that way; by hosting a masquerade. He hired her as a live in nurse instead, and they were already in a relationship when they attended a masquerade. Do note that this is not a paid post, but rather a creative review of Irenelim Fashion products and service. Kindly head over to their webbie to find out more about them.


  1. suituapui says:

    So that’s the dress you bought for your italk thingy! Wow…you’re so thin! Who’s the gy? Your hubby kah? So handsome… No wonder you jatuh cinta with him. Muahahahaha!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Cis.. that one is not my hubby lah…my hubby wun show face inside my blog wan. Ahahahahah…tht one? Some hotshot japanese guy. I got a crush on this feller when I was younger. LMAO….

      πŸ™ Very thin… I can hide behind you, and nobody would notice. Too thin like this tarak syiok… nobody takut me. Even my students can make fun of me. LOL…

  2. iamthewitch says:

    Hello Naughty Fairy from the Witch! πŸ™‚
    You looked so demure and sweet in the white dress… If only I had a tiara to match with it! Then you’d be perfect! πŸ˜‰

  3. claire says:

    If only i could.. i would spare and share some of my body flesh with u… then we would be well balanced up, Cleff.. do u notice that most models are like yr body shape?

  4. ericlee says:

    wah lau…..u look damn thin…can you snap into two pieces if ur hubby hugs u too hard…LOL haha your story sound a lil bit like Cinderella to me

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… that’s because I am thin. *pengsan* Thin until have to buy skirt/pants from children’s section. Sien like mad! Summore, my name is Elizabeth. In my younger years… when I was a teenage and college brat, ppl call me lizard or lidi. πŸ™ All because i look like I not enuff food to eat! Humph!

      Hubby hug me too hard wun patah wan la, cuz hubby oso 2×5… thin oso. Just nice for me la… lol…ah, yeah, like Cinderella… this one is just a teaser for my book. LOL… the real story is nothing like Cinderella…no witch godmother oso… the bad ppl incestuous wan leh, the real one. LMAO…wokay, Xrated… I better shaddup! LOL…

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