A date with Chef Wan


I had a date with Chef Wan, along with my two good friends, Littlemermy and Mamasprout last Saturday. Too bad Mamakucing couldn’t join us. I was really hoping that Mamakucing and Smallkucing could join us too. 🙁 Poor Smallkucing and Papakucing is down with HMFD. 🙁 They had to be quarantine instead of joining us. 🙁 I do hope they will get well soon. It’s simply not the same without them.


Neway,the workshop event was hosted by Simplot, BBC Good Food&Travel as well as BSH Home Appliances. The intimate cooking workshop was held in Bosch new showroom in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

This workshop was aimed to encourage the consumers to use Simplot hashbrowns creatively in their cookings.


Apart from exclusive cooking lessons with Chef Wan during the event, there’s also fun quiz session with him. I got alot of goodies during the quiz session. LOL. Thank God I paid attention during his lessons.Look at all these stuff…the sponsors was certainly generous.
Goodie bag from the sponsor, containing magazines,cling wrap and sauce samples.

Cooler bag, apron, Simplot hashbrown popcorn,and bake pasta sauce.
The stuff that I won during the quiz session, body lotion, laser pendrive and a white apron, which I managed to get the cheeky Chef Wan to autograph for me. Lol.

It was really a memorable experience to learn how to cook personally with Chef Wan. He is not only friendly,but a very patient and a very humble teacher. It was really an honour to be able to learn from him.

I will be sharing more about the workshop in the next post. So stay tune for more, guys.

*A word of warning though. Plenty of good food ahead. So don’t come here with an empty stomach*

Cleffairy: Special thanks to Chef Sidney Kan of Big Boys Oven for inviting me. I really appreciate it.

ps: Some of the pics belongs to Littlemermy and Mamasprouts.


    • Cleffairy says:

      I love Chef Wan too… I grew up watching his cooking shows. And love the way he cook…all agak agak, I can follow. Some others I kenot follow… i blank wan when tell me the measurements.

  1. chzan says:

    *jealous* u got to meet with Chef Wan
    *jealous* so many goodies

    You ladies are soo lucky 🙂

    ( I noticed Leggo’s Carbonara in Moments To Share blog– nowadays cant find it anywhere, not even Giant/Carrefour here. all they have is Alfredo. I thought they have discontinued… )

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahaha… Chen Czhan…too bad you’re not in KL, else I would have tagged you along too. 😀

      Huh? You cannot find the sauce? I think KL here can be seen in most place… Carrefour got sell. 😀

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