A Day with Selangor Javanese Community at Banghuris Homestay, Traditional Games

It was scorching hot and our media entourage was on on the way to lunch in one of the host’s house when we were stopped half way by some kampung boys whom issued us a challenge to a friendly match to traditional game when we passed by the badminton court. 😛 They were so persuasive that we thought, oh hey…why not? The people are so enthusiastic and it is just so wrong to say no to their invitation.

 photo IMG_20150418_122328_zps9x9xhnpv.jpg

Here’s city boys turned kampung boys, wearing their batik sarong in a rather fashionable way, just before the friendly match 😉 Spot a hijabista wannabe in the photo? Well, everyone had a good laugh over this one.

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The boys gets to play this game: Kicking The Feathers or locally known as ‘Sepak Bulu Ayam’ (Tating Lawi). I’m not quite sure of the rules on playing the game but as far as I’m concerned, it is a traditional game where a group of people form a circle and try kicking the ball that is made from chicken feathers as much as they can without dropping it to the floor. Those with most kick wins the game.

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Us ladies were given a chance to play the traditional tag, chase and catch game, Galah Panjang too and boy, despite the fact that we did not really know how to play the game, and chaos ensues with excited scream and screech when we chased each other, we really had fun!

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Here’s us, taking a break after the game before really heading to lunch. 😛 As I was resting and rehydrating, I keep thinking that Banghuris Homestay is definitely an interesting place to visit, and how simple kampung life is. We are often caught in rat race and the city kids are mostly glued to the gadgets rather than play games like this that provides real fun that enables you to interact with the people around you. Modern life is indeed sad and even more so for children who are usually locked away in tuition centre most of the time after they started schooling. Even their weekends are stolen from them in the name of academic achievements.

But for what it’s worth,I’m never the conventional parent who believes in just academic achievements and I never bother putting my son into any extra classes and whatnot, and throughout it all, I’m glad to be able to let my son see and experience all these in Banghuris Homestay first hand, and I sure hope other parents who are looking for a holiday with a difference consider a visit here. 🙂

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