A Day with Selangor Javanese Community at Banguris Homestay, The Air of Festival

After such a scrumptious breakfast earlier, it’s time for us to walk around a little bit. Ms. Mai, our assigned tour guide then brought the media entourage to the Banghuris Homestay Community Hall where there are loads of activities going on in conjunction of the Nasi Ambeng Festival 2015 that is jointly organized by JKKN and Tourism Malaysia Selangor for MyFest2015.

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First we visited the makeshift camp where villagers are working together to make Nasi Ambeng that will be served that night. The media entourage were given brief information on what is Nasi Ambeng and how to make it, but unfortunately for us, the entire recipe remains a mystery. There is no disclosure of exact measurement of the ingredients and whatnot for Nasi Ambeng.

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After the visit to the makeshift camp, we spotted a traditional musical performance by ‘Chempuling’; musical group performing all sort of traditional Javanese music by using both traditional and semi modern musical instruments.

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Batik painting and batik colouring competition.

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Flower arrangement competition

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Here is a closer look at the flower arrangement by one of the participants. Lovely, isn’t it?

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Apart from that, there is also a moderate scale bazaar where the villagers sells clothes, food and local produce.

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Although I don’t need any new outfit with all the piling clothes that I got from H&M during my previous shopping trip, I still couldn’t resist but got myself a pair of traditional Baju Kurung from one of the stall at the bazaar. The seller was a friendly villager who told me that it was hand sewn and insists that it will look beautiful on me. And I can’t help myself but have a grab at it in an instant. Oh hey, don’t blame me! It was sold at RM15 and definitely a steal. You can never get such a great bargain for a pair of Baju Kurung in the city for that price, period!

After lurking around for quite some time, we were then ushered to lunch and our next agenda of the day. The break was indeed welcoming as it was scorching hot and us members of the media are in desperate need of refreshment.

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