A Sneek Peek: High Line, Resorts World Genting

Dear foodies, I exciting gastronomic news to share with you. Resorts World Genting will soon add another culinary attraction in SkyAvenue soon; High Line.


I wasn’t really aware about High Line’s to be honest, but I’ve had the opportunity to get a little sneek peek of what we can expect from High Line when I was attending the Taste MIGF 2018 that was held on September 1-2 at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel recently as the restaurant has participated in Taste MIGF 2018 to give a sneak peek on what they will be offering soon ahead of their opening. I thought I’d share with you what we can expect from High Line when it opens it’s door to the public soon.


The highly anticipated restaurant will be located at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting and will houses a wide range of international cuisines including sausages, meat, seafood and more. Driven by Chef Muhamad Muhader who has nearly two decades of experience in food preparation and F & B management, High Line will definitely please your palate.


Nasi Lemak Lobster. This is definitely the bomb and pretty sensational on the palate and definitely take the modest, all time Malaysian favourite Nasi Lemak to a much more luxurious level. I was told that this will be one of the High Line’s signature when I had em at Taste MIGF 2018. I can’t imagine how wondrous it will be if the actual portion has anything to do with this sample version of it.


BBQ Beef Brisket Slider was not too shabby. Burger lovers will definitely appreciate this, but neat eaters will find it quite challenging to eat. It takes some skills to have a mouthful of it as the slider fillings will tend to get sloppy. That’s what sliders are about though. They are supposed to be messy when you take a bite on em.


Grilled Sausage with Lamb Merquez. Lamb sausage served on a pretzel bun may look like your ordinary sausage buns or hotdogs, but there’s nothing ordinary about this one. The Grilled Sausage with Lamb Merquez is satisfyingly meaty and were bursting with flavours. The slightly chewy buns provided an interesting experience as well.

The food pictures were from Taste MIGF 2018 where only sampling portion were served and not an actual presentation from the restaurant should you order them off from their menu. The actual portion of each dishes will definitely be bigger than this.

The restaurant is expected to be opening soon in SkyAvenue, so KIV for more updates on High Line.

For more information, please visit http: //www.rwgenting.com/

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