Accomodation in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: Elvara Guest House

Like to keep it close together when you are traveling? Or on a business trip in Klang Valley areas in Malaysia and is looking for a somewhat homey place with good views and high speed Internet connection so that you can still get your work done even though you’re away from your home and office? Well, here’s one place that you might want to consider booking into; Elvara Malaysia.


Elvara Malaysia is a high end guesthouse located in SOHO1, Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya Malaysia. As of writing, they have a few units that you can book into; Studio Room and a Duplex.

They are currently having this fabulous promotion and since it’s been a really hectic month for both myself and my husband and we are in a very much needed break during the weekend but couldn’t go far due to our work commitments, we decided to stay decided to go for a night at Elvara Guest House.


We opted for the Duplex for extra comfort. Here’s how the lower floor looks like.


There’s two beds in the unit. The first one is on the lower floor where the bed is nestled by the window.


Spotted at the rack in the livingroom is a modem for high speed Internet connection and a Muslim prayer matt.


The stairs heading up to another floor of the Duplex.


Here’s how the second bedroom looks like.

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Really spacious with a small working table.

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Amnesties for clothings like hanger and iron are also provided.

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Ensuite on the upper floor is a toilet and the shower booth.


Basic toiletries like shampoo and bathgel are provided but I would suggest you to bring your own set of toiletries and personal hygiene items.

Now, the one feature that I like most about Elvara Malaysia is the kitchen.


Elvara offers a fully functional kitchen with fridge and cooking utensils. Yes. You are reading that right. Cooking is allowed here in Elvara.

Accomodation in Malaysia: Elvara Guest House, Empire Damansara

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Check out my video for a clearer picture.

Basically Elvara is a home away from home and personally, it was a nice, R&R getaway for me and my family. Elvara Malaysia is currently having a fantastic, value for your money promotion. Check out the pricing below:

Studio Unit (recommended for 3 pax)
RM120 (Sunday-Thursday)
RM150 (Friday- Saturday)

Duplex (recommended for 5 pax)
RM150 (Sunday-Thursday)
RM180 (Friday-Sat)

For more info, visit:

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