All About KLCC and Toilet Mayhem

It’s been a hell of a weekend. Besides the usual weekend commitment, I was dragged to accompany my other half to the PIKOM PC Fair that’s held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 3rd August 2008.

Now, it’s been quite some time that yours truly over here goes to KLCC for some shopping during weekends. The last time I went there was during 29th March 2008, during Tun Dr. Mahathir’s book signing session in the Popular bookfest. I didn’t even bother to walk around and shop or even window shop, because the main purpose I went there was to get my book signed and that was it. I left after the book signing session. No shopping, no nothing.

Firstly, getting there, (to KLCC) itself during weekend is a problem, especially if you’re driving. Don’t ask me why we drive there…my other half is really against taking LRT during weekend for the fear of having to be sandwiched in the LRT compartment as well as wanting to avoid horny bastards who is around to act out sexual harassment on unsuspecting victims.

Getting to KLCC itself is horror. It’s a test of patience.There’s massive traffic congestions around KLCC area, rude and impatient drivers who get irritated very easily, as well as lack parking place. I was in shock to see that the parking rate in KLCC area cost a bomb! I can’t believe that parking in KLCC for an hour can cost a bloody Rm6 or Rm7. What the hell is that? It’s not per entry, mind you, it’s per hour! That honestly make those DBKL fucking machines sounds dirt cheap!

Not willing to give up the bloody Rm7 per hour for some stupid parking space,my other half decided to park the car somewhere else, somewhere more far than KLCC and only cost Rm6 per entry and walked quite a distance to KLCC.

Since I’m not a gadget fan, I was given a go-ahead by my other half to window shop in KLCC alone, and he’ll join me when he’s done doing his ‘manly’ things in the PC Fair. So, I’m left wandering the oh so huge and mighty KLCC alone.

After having some horrible food in the food court that they have the cheek to call fish&chips, it’s nature’s call, and I visited one of their once awarded ‘cleanest and well maintained’ toilet on ground floor, and boy, am I in for a surprise of a lifetime. The toilet was totally screwed up! It was watery, slippery, dirty, and to make it worst, only one toilet stall was usable! The other 5 stall cannot be used and a huge ‘ROSAK’ sign was pastered on each of the door.

My god! This is more worst than the toilets in public schools! I had known that my old school has the worst toilet ever, but Suria KLCC’s toilet really left me speechless. I had expected it to be quite well maintain, since Suria KLCC is a huge ‘shopper paradise’ to locals and tourists alike. But no… they did not maintained it well and you even have to queue up for a bloody 15 minutes just to pee. What the fuck! I really thank god that I did not pee in my pants! I can’t say that another five or ten minute I won’t, though.

I really hope the authorities could do something about the parking fees as well as the toilets in Suria KLCC. How the hell are we going to give a good impression to tourists when our toilet is so shitty and poorly maintained? I was told that that’s not the only toilet in KLCC that is poorly maintain, other toilet are not well taken care of too. AThat’s not just in KLCC, other public toilets around Malaysia is poorly maintained too.

And from my observation, gluttony and pompous act is also well practiced in KLCC shopping centers, as after the visit to the toilet, I went to Kinokuniya and caught some rotten bloggers updating their entries from the Cafe over some drinks in a rather show-off manner. Now, some of these bloggers are quite famous, as they have been posting their pictures in their blog, so I can very well recognize them. I daresay some of them are there not just to update their entries, but to show off their colourful laptops and stuff. And I can guarantee that these bloggers are not as friendly as they portrayed themselves to be. Rude, whiny, bitchy is more suitable to describe them, because I saw one of the Kinokuniya staff getting into trouble with the manager just for bringing the wrong order to one of this blogger. Oh, man, so much for their ‘I’m miss very pretty and forgiving girl-can contest for the Miss Universe’ slogan. Honestly, looks can be really deceiving.

KLCC is a bad, bad experience, especially on weekend. It’s crowded and overpopulated with horny teenagers who shamelessly shows public display of affection as well as impatient people who pushes around during escalator ride. I did not like it at all, and I can’t understand why the yolk of youngsters these days loves KLCC so much. It’s crowded, toilet poorly maintain and full of rude and barbaric yet ‘high class’ people everywhere. It’s not even a breeze to shop in KLCC. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to any future visit to KLCC.

Cleffairy: I’m more to a Giant, Tesco and Carrefour kinda girl. At least parking is free there.


  1. barrie dating services says:

    man oh man!!! i was in KLCC last March for the usual window shopping (cannot afford those damn expensive boutiques lar..) with my then-gf (now wife). I was just about to go for peepee when all of the sudden a huge european man came out shouting at the top of his voice. and mind you….he smelled like shit!!! actual shit was all over his shirt and face. i was asking around (busybody lah) and came to know that that poor guy had just finished his berak session, and just as he flushed the toilet, the bloody toilet bowl sprayed too much water that his shit actually sprayed right in front of him………really kesian that guy. im also very much like you, more of a giant and carrefour kinda guy……we clicked man!!! wanna be my pet sis? lol

  2. KevinP says:

    Why la go KLCC? Its not that cheap at PC Fair either.. hehehe.. I would rather just loiter at erm…. Lowyat? But anyway, KLCC is a nice place to “hang out” but parking definitely cost a bomb and I know why ur better half do not believe in taking the LRT.. neither do I.. :).

  3. warrior2 says:

    I was at KlCC on saturday around 1215 I think, ofcourse to go to the pc fare. The crowd was very much bigger than usual because of the pc thing. Stayed until 600 pm after I managed to wriggle myself out of the large crowd at the pc fair. I paid 16 bucks for the parking fee.

    I have no fix rule as to when I should use the putra service. Whatever is convenience I will use. Its fun once in a while to go out of the confort zone and the routine.

    After a few hours being RUBBED by the millions of males and females at the fair, I bought a sony viao comp for my daughter (she was with me), not at the fair but at the sony shop on the 3rd floor. Dont ask me why but I think thats the right decision to make.

  4. cleffairy says:

    Hahaha… alamak… luckily my lunch have been properly digested. That lil story of your almost got me puking, Calvin. If i didn’t experienced it myself, I’d say you’re bluffing about the ‘berak’ session. I see it with my very own two eyes that those toilet, really are capable of splurging out the poop you dropped in. LOL. And yes, i really, really agree with you that those boutique really very expensive… most cost like a nuclear bomb. 😀 Window shopping can la, wanna buy? Not a chance! In my dreams also I dowan to spend that kind of money! Hahaha…. pet sis? I’m not so easy to be a ‘pet’. You’ll know what I mean if you know my dad. I’m actually a spoilt rotten gold digging daughter. LOL…korek my dad a lot. But only my dad lah, other people I don’t dare korek wan. People belanja also I feel malu.Hahaha. Yes, i’m a typical spoilt rotten daughter. i think uncle warrior’s daughter also same. We daughters have ways to… err… korek our dads. Whahahaha.

    I really cannot understand what is so nice about KLCC…. Giant,Carrefour and Tesco is good what. Easy to walk, easy to find stuff…the only temptation would probably be groceries and fancy ice cream sundae. I hate KLCC. Damn.

    Kevin…why PC Fair and not Low Yat? Beats me… must be the ‘guy’ thing that I cannot understand…He loiter around in Loy Yat too much that maybe he need a change of err… environment. I like Low Yat better, personally, because I know my way there. When lazy to walk already, I can always lepak upstairs where they sell the taufufa. Can sit there til rot.LOL. KLCC a nice place to hang out? I dunno lah…maybe it’s just not my cuppa tea. Coming from Penang, the ideal way to spend a weekend for me is actually a picnic or a stroll along the beach and collecting seashells with friends or family ….unfortunately, living in KL, I’ll just have to be contented with the stupid tainted Titiwangsa Lake! Grrzzz!

    Haha… uncle warrior… you bought Sony vaio for your daughter? Lucky girl. Personally, i don’t think PC fair is for girls to go. Not because gadgets are meant for guys, but because of the large crowd, and alot of maniacal bastards who wan to ‘accidentally’ have rub on our boobs . For me, i hate to be RUBBED around and stuff, hence, I choose to walk around in KLCC due to bad experience in PC fair last year. But who knows, KLCC is no fun either. LOL…

    I can’t agree more with my other half on taking LRT during weekends… it might have pissed me to no end and set me on fire. Haha…

  5. roses says:

    hahha…either way, it must had been quite an ordeal with u that day.
    gotta blame it on the government transport system. it sucks big time.

    i dont have things for gadgets. and i seriously believe that boys had those blood running in them that enable them to play around with those geeky stuff. my hands are like made to destroy. my phones, pc, cameras, mp3 got spoilt pretty quickly.

    i dont really like klcc too. darn place. however, i’ll like klcc during weekdays. when everyone else is groaning in the office and i am wondering around (window shopping)..evil bliss

  6. cleffairy says:

    Rose, trust me, I’m the kind of girl who blames government on almost everything that goes wrong around her. I always “Damn you if you do that, damn you if you don’t do it” at the government. LOL. Don’t i sound nasty?


    Same here, same here. my hands are meant for destroying gadgets. it’s simply not in my genes. We’re just some typical female aren’t we? Gadgets don’t really work well in our hands.

    Maybe you’re right about klcc during weekdays…but during weekdays, i’m my boss’s slave. I’m so pitiful…haihh! I only dare to dream to shop or window shop in shopping centres during weekdays. I imagine that it’s not as crowded as weekends.

  7. peteformation says:

    Heh heh, PC Fair, if you consider the cost and time wasted to go there, I would rather buy things from the computer shop elsewhere.
    Maintenance of public amenities is always a problem and many of our citizen don’t bother to take care of public properties!

  8. cleffairy says:

    I agree with you pete. i hate the hassle during PC fair… i get irritated pretty easily with big crowd like that too.

    LOL. Exactly. Just take public toilet for example. Some people don’t even bother flushing after answering nature’s call. It’s so disgusting!

  9. peteformation says:

    Ya,Lah, most our people ‘very teruk.’ Got a friend from Australia who set up his coin vending washing machine business in Malaysia. He has to sell the business to someone else because because of frequent vandalism. But in Australia his business is doing so well!

  10. Bigdaddy says:

    I think Malaysians as a whole has lost the charm of friendly and quality service, or do we not have it in the first place? I for one am growing tired of being treated like a beggar to get services I am paying for. With all the shit we are hearing about Malaysia being a friendly place and offers service with a smile, a local feels humiliated in his own country.

    I was at A Famosa last weekend, and I was surprised at the level of service from the moment I stepped into the place. While checking in, I was “warned” by the receptionist that I would be charged for the minibars and towels should any of them disappear mysteriously. I’m saying “warned” here, not politely advised. Open displays of complaining about other guests in front of checking in guests too were rampant, probably to scare the new guests from asking for anythign from them. Later that afternoon, I asked for my dinner package to be rescheduled for the next day. The look on the guys face was unbelieveable, like I asked him to move a mountain for me. He also said it can’t be moved because the dinners is set. I had to resort to using my “I’m about to kick your ass if you don’t do this for me” look to get him to stamp another date on the vouchers, which turned out to be a low quality buffet. Set dinner my arse! I swear to God, if I was there without my family, I would have gone Steven Seagal on that “lembutman” butt!

    The pool was dirty, I had to clean the filters myself before I allowed any of my kids and nephews and nieces into the pool. I had to pay parking to get to the the safari where breakfast was served, the place was set by them, not my choice, which is on the A Famosa grounds. The breakfast itself was disappointing. The food was fit to feed chickens.

    All in all, A Famosa was a terrible experience.

    What I am trying to say is that KLCC as well as A FAmosa and others alike, need to start thinking about service and pride rather than just profits and numbers. Pride in serving the countrymen and tourists alike. These values needs to be instilled to the core of the staffs and not only management shouting about it.

    Enough is enough I say! Lets stop paying for shit and demand for quality service!

  11. barrie dating services says:

    clef : i wasnt sure if that did actually happened. just got the info from a passerby in KLCC. but that guy was really soaked in shit. wonder will klcc compensate a new shirt for him.

    bd : that was for melaka a famosa. did i tell you about the service my family and i got from one world hotel? a so called “5” star hotel? i’m so pissed i felt like bitch slap the front desk personnel…

  12. KevinP says:

    Bd made a good point here… Malaysians paying for second class service. Likewise am appalled for the fact that we are paying as much as the foreigners and at times even more and yet we are accorded shitty service by our hospitality industry. It will be all different if you were to visit this place with a white skinned friend of yours… you will then be accorded the service level that is truly warm and complete…

    I was in Langkawi early this year. We stayed at Awana Porto Malai. Well, coz we got really good rates for it. But thats where it ends. We were at their coffee house having tea… paying ala-carte price mind you, 8 of us. 4 adults 4 kids, next to our table an european couple.. 2 waitresses were waiting to serve those two while we waited for 5 minutes before someone comes to serve us. My friend who co-incidentally is the who’s who in Genting gave them all a good piece of her mind and summoned the GM of the hotel. Well, needless to say after that we even got to park our car at the lobby for free.. :).

    The thing here in Malaysia is, if you know the WHO, you get service second to none and you pay less… if you are a nobody.. you get shit and paying more.

  13. cleffairy says:

    You’re right bigdaddy. We should stop paying so much for low quality service. And overall, Malaysian have lost it’s friendly image. What you experienced in A-Farmosa resort is something that other Malaysian experienced too, only in different ways. The nerve the receptionist have to ‘warn’ you about charging for towels and minibars if they were to go missing. I’ll definitely go “What, you think I’m so cheap and have no money to pay issit? The guest here are paying YOUR salary, mind you, so at least be more respectful of the guest!”

    Sigh. Malaysians. We have the ability to build such facilities and yet we lack the effort to maintain all these facilities. I can understand your dissapointment on A Famosa’s service, after all, it’s quite a large sum of money involve and yet they give you poopy service.

    Calvin…KLCC compensate? I don’t think so lah. LOL. One world hotel? You mean genting or what? 5 star service? 5 star service my ass la. I heard their service is not even 3 star. Service sux, food sux, overall, nothing smell like 5 star at all.

    Kevin… those people in hotel servicing and beverage industry tend to treat white skinned people better than us, don’t they? I also experienced the same thing in KL Central McD…they made me wait for my food without asking me to sit down while waiting while those foreigners gets an A class service. And they even have the cheek to pull a face when I asked them when my order will be done 🙁

    And yea, pete… your Australian friend should pack up and do a roti canai business instead of self service laundry machine…malaysians don’t treat self service machines too kindly. LOL.

  14. chit says:

    shite, i cannot dechipher who is that blogger u were referring to…hehehe..tell me tell me. on a more personal note, i hat ebloggers who acts like bloggers, camera totting, laptops everywhere, publishing their post realtime, as if it cannot be done back at home, bitch to services as if they are the guardians of what happenings and what’s not, worst-they think they can write and blog, so they r more superior. shikes man. seriously, klcc is quite alrite, right until a certain time when the crowds metaphor into a great big masyarakat majmuk which was actually still fine, but these majmukness are either full of pretentiousness or phycological threats. juz felt that the tranquility of the park being tresspassed by so may mat rempits alike characters. I dunno, aint saying i dress or look good to give a good KLCC shopper image but somehow, one’s alertness juz shoot up to the highest notch.

    but i really cannot deny that the lady shoppers there actually look quite good….kekeke…lol.

  15. barrie dating services says:

    chit….i agree wit you. the gurls looked absolutely hot. but i always window shop with my wife. so, no chance man!!! lol. (not saying that my wife isn’t cause she blogs and check my blog buddies as well). dear…you are the hottest chick ive ever met. hehehe…
    ps pls dont hit me tonight? *on my knees*

  16. chit says:

    calvin, i read yr first comment…really ROFLOL!!! apart from the fault of the wc, i wonder if these angmoh knows how to use asian wc…LOL. i heard about them resting their thighs on the 2 slabs, plugging the hole. or, the squat facing the hole instead. LOL.

    yeah, i think i was abit polite in my last comment about the girls… fact they r really hot, and their fashion statement is sometimes applaudable, sometimes, laughable…lol. but overall, they r sure hot. wonder what they were up to with the hotness…..hehe. (clef, sorry ah, abit carried away with girls here…lol.)

  17. cleffairy says:

    LOL… dowan say la, Chit. It’s better to let those blogger be anonymous here in my blog. After all, there’s not only one who is like that. A lot are like that. And you not only can see them loiter in KLCC only… they are everywhere… lol, especially in those ‘high class’ cafe that provides free WIFI. Hmm, this kind of blogger= new generation geeks that everyone seems to have the hots for?

    LMAO…Cavin’s wife! You rox! I salute you! Hahaha! Those girls, though they are hot to boot, you cannot compare them with your wife, Calvin. Your wife loves you and you have her devotion as a bonus whereas those chicks are only nice for the eyes only. We’ll never know how much of a gold digger or how bitchy they are in reality. I dare to bet my head that these people, are classified under ‘high maintenance babes’. So, yea, I really think your wife is far hotter than those fancily dressed people. Yoz, Ah Sou, are you out there checking out what Calvin kor said? I’m backing your ass Ah Sou, and I’ll keep my eyes on this one. Lai, get to know me, we’ll form the “WIFE CLUB”. Whahahaha.

    Ps: Chit, those girls are hot, so don’t play with fire, okay? LMAO.

  18. KevinP says:

    aiyo…. from talking about toilets and wc to the “hawt” girls at KLCC? hmm… well, I normally had my roving eyes checked by my wife from time to time… sigh… gone are the days…. those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end…

  19. pamina says:

    hate PC fair!

    i had to hail a cab because i cant stand being sandwiched in the komuter train…which costed me rm50 to get home…

    malaysia oh malaysia…

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