Anwar’s ass vs Saiful’s ass

Malaysian political dramas is effecting me greatly. And to say that is an understatement. Instead of having nice and good dreams about dancing teddies or spending romantic time with my sweetheart, or a fairy tale ending of an ongoing soap dramas, I dream about Anwar and Saiful doing a butt off! Literally butt off! Butt facing butt, and the butts are debating with each other! Argh! Long gone are the sweetness of my dream life! No more romantic dreams of marrying a prince or sexy and exotic dreams. Ah, yes, old assholes, young assholes, C4ing creeps as well as bubbly mouth strawberries are invading my dreams indefinitely.

My god, that was a nightmare. Why the hell Malaysian politics affect me so? I’m not their aqquintance and I do not know them personally. But what’s going on in Malaysian media agenda setting these days, affects our daily life greatly nevertheless. What they do or what they say is effecting our media, as well as the ambience of our countries.Previous night’s dream really got me thinking. They’ve been demanding Anwar to give his D.N.A samples. Here’s my questions: Why do they need new samples? And how do they plan to use it against Anwar to their own benefit?

As far as I’m concern, they already have Anwar’s D.N.A sample in store, and store it correctly, the D.N.A specimen could be preserve/conserve for a lot of years. Unless the D.N.A was deemed of no importance, they will not preserve it, they will go ahead and destroy it after using it as evidence in court in order to avoid genetic manipulation. But I believe that is not the case.

My biochemistry may not be at a PhD level, but that is a basic knowledge. Why the hell is Pak Lah claiming that the samples in store is ‘too old’? Was he sleeping through his classes and got the facts wrong again? Or the lab is inefficient that they screw up while storing the D.N.A for preservation? Or…the D.N.A that they had in in store is not Anwar’s D.N.A? *gasps*

Nevermind those! I’m just wondering how the hell they’re planning to use the D.N.A if they were to obtain it from Anwar. Are they going to check Anwar’s matress again? Or this time they’re going to be more vicious and porno-ish where Anwar and Saiful are stripped naked and they’ll poke around in both of their butt in order to obtain ‘necessary’ evidence to use it against Anwar?

If the plan to do it that way, I only have one question left. How the hell they’re going to find evidence in someone’s asshole when asshole is usually used for pooping? They do need to wash their ass or use toilet rolls to clean the poop away, don’t they? Won’t the evidence then will be long gone flushed down they toilet bowl by the time they decided to torch both of the men’s butt and poke around with a cotton bud for evidence?

I believe that using D.N.A in this sort of case is dangerous. And, the samples can easily be manipulated. And if it’s true that Anwar’s banana had visited Saiful’s asshole in a certain venue, shouldn’t they be looking for Anwar’s D.N.A, eg, pubic hair, semen, etc over there and compare it with what they have in store? One thing about D.N.A is, they don’t fade easily unless it’s tampered with chemicals or overshadowed by another D.N.A. Why can’t they just make an effort to look for it in the place of ‘crime’? Or is it there’s no crime to begin with and D.N.A. is necessary to build a case against Anwar?

Cleffairy: Genetic maipulation is a dangerous thing.


  1. medico says:

    My concerns corresponds to yours.
    I can’t understand the hoo ha about the DNA sample.
    I would have thought the DNA issue is like the last rivet on the top of Eifel Tower.

  2. cleffairy says:

    Hi medico, thank you for visiting. D.N.A and all these stuff going on is complicated, isn’t it. I am willing to bet that once they manage to get Anwar’s DNA and serve it in a silver platter in court as a piece of evidence, they are going to make it even more confusing until we don’t know what they’re talking about anymore. Just look at the Altantuya’s case… actually the case is quite simple, it’s just a murder and all we need is a plain yes or no from the criminal. But they are twisting it like mad, and i can hardly comprehend on what they’re talking about anymore.

  3. medico says:

    The confusion will come from both sides. My appeal to both sides would be ” Do not multiply entities beyond necessity” and/or ” Everything which is explained through positing something different from the act of understanding can be explained without positing such a distinct thing”
    You would of course recognise this as Ockham’s Razor from Science 101.
    A principle that unfortunately will be totally alien to or conveniently forgotten by diehard supporters of either camp.

  4. cleffairy says:

    I’d say, conveniently forgotten by both side’s supporters. Sad isn’t it? We will not be able to know the truth of the case, as in Malaysia, ‘truth’ and ‘justice’ is what the people who wield power and money speaks.

  5. KevinP says:

    Cleff… whoa… you are sooooo afffected by it… dreams of DNA, ass and all… the problem here is credibility… people cannot believe anymore after the last mattress episode, its difficult to judge if they are not going to “plant” evidence.

  6. cleffairy says:

    LOL… you bet, it badly affected me. I call it sheer nightmare! i used to get better dreams, but not anymore. not after the recent GE, u kno, where i think our country is abit out of control.

    Yup, credibility is the word. Malaysian authorities lack credibility to begin with.I truly believe that they are going to plant evidence, but u kno wud…i daresay that they are going to make Anwar give his D.N.A samples by hook or by crook!

  7. amoker says:

    I bet those cops are buying bootleg copies of CSI to understand what DNA identifying process is. DNA dun really change is a short term, so the cops would have those copies of medical report to refer to. One will wonder why does the cop incessantly want new tissues then?

    All said, the crux to me is not conspiracy but incompetency and lack of trust in police Royalty. ( Polis Raja di Malaysia) 🙂

  8. cleffairy says:

    Haha, Amoker. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Well, I have a sneaky suspicions that the Malaysian police do not need to buy any CSI DVDs in order to understand the whole DNA… they already have em… u know, these police can easily obtain the DVDs for free though those pirated DVDs raids. Hahaha.

    Isn’t it clear; they needed his samples in order to plant evidence against Anwar. I’m not Anwar’s supporter, but the police and the ways of laws in Malaysia are not being so discreet with what they do to make people look guilty as charged.

    And I still find myself repeating these words ” Bala, o Bala, where art thou?”

    I wonder what they did to him, causing him to ‘fled’ in some ‘Asian’ country with his wife and kids? Was he taken there by force or he went there willingly? if he was taken there by force by some ‘agents’, what was their purpose? To hide the truth? His disappearance is such a mystery.

    Lastly, to trust the Malaysian police force as well as the ways of laws, is like trusting a hungry dog with a piece of nice sirlion steak. It just doesn’t work!

  9. warrior2 says:

    A layman will ask, if there is already an old sample, they dont need and wont ask for a new one if they PLAN to plant it in Saiful`s ass or anywhere else! So what is the fear about giving a new one!

    A layman will say that the police may need a new sample probably because the old sample was destroyed or the old sample was taken illegally which would lead to any usage of the DNA test be unacceptable in court. Thus they need a new sample so that everything is in order and legal if the case goes to court.

    A layman will also say that why cant we used the dna test of the previous case. If the dna profile of ANwar before was as a result of a dna test of a sample taken “illegally” , it than cant be used.

    And I pity the many other suspects of rape and sodomy who has to go thru the dna process AND nobody says anythign about them. If we suspects the system and the process as well as the players involve in a dna profiling, we must also speak up for these others in that it should be suspended or done away with or not done whatever!

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