Are you a Taker?

Sometimes, it’s really nice to be a badass… otherwise, you’d get bullied pretty easily. I hate being bullied by people, and therefore, I’m gonna take a short course on how to be a certified badass so that I won’t be harassed and cornered easily. Initially, I thought of Googling for some short course on ‘How to Be A Badass’ or something… or maybe buy ‘Being a Badass for Dummies’, but apparently, people have yet to come up with such thing.

But fortunately for me… Siren Media and Sony Pictures is going to make it possible for me to learn on how to be a real badass… kekekekekekkeke…*cackles like an evil fairy I am*.

You know why?

Well, here is why…they are giving away a pair of tickets to the screening of The Takers. Bwhahahahahahahaahahaha…

The Takers is about a bunch of badass of bank robbers… who do nothing but rob banks day in day out for a living. Kewl, right? A life full of adventure and adrenaline rush! (Ohhh… I can see my Hayden Christensen there too… missed him as Anakin Skywalker and the young Darth Vader…)

All I need to do  to earn some ‘educational exposure’ on how to be a sexy badass and how to scroo the law is just take some personality test… you know… a personality test… testing on which Taker you are… to see if you’re indeed qualified to be a Taker and then email my blog entry on this to [email protected] before 21st October 2010. (Ya… I know… this is kinda last minute thingie… but what the heck… the more thrilling it is…)

Okay, so I head over to HERE and take the test… 😀 So which Taker am I?

According to the test, I’m this feller… The Leader… the head of the badass. I am not a doer… but I am a strategist, I like to figure out puzzles and I’m always a step ahead… yups… sounds like me all right. I always like to plan things ahead…a trait that sometimes really annoy people. Typical Virgoan I am.

Neway… wanna learn on how to be a badass too? Well, then head over HERE to learn on how you can win a pair of ticket to The Takers screening and many more goodies from them. Go ahead… TAKE TAKE TAKE and don’t forget to thank Sirens Media and Sony Pictures. 😀

Cleffairy: I’m not a good person…but I am not a hypocrite… I shall embrace my dark side and live with it instead of denying it. I won’t have people under the illusion that I’m a good person too, that’s just plain plastic!


  1. Nightwing says:

    Smooth talker – You can talk your way into- or out of – any situation.
    Maybe you major in rthetoric in college. Or may be you just take after your Aunt Mildred. What ever the case maybe, your team can trust in you to cause any diversion needed.

    Haha…i think i may answer the question wrongly…:)

  2. Nightwing says:

    Replies to my post in FB about your case….not bad..PDRM got give comment. At least better than nothing.

    Eugene Kennedy Ch’ng To the Royal Malaysia Police

    Please take note of identification verification. This makes the public become uncooperative not because they chose to, but because the identification is not clear. Make sure the training provided in PULAPOL is complete. I know there’s a book for sale out there by the title of “Kuasa-Kuasa Polis” which is for both police and public.

    If the public know better than the police do, what a shame would this be?

    Don’t flame me with being blind as well for not recognising who is and not a police.

    I’m a person who is interested with law enforcement as well, I believe it is wrong according to the law if police officers refuse to identify themselves appropriately.

    To the Royal Malaysia Police training department, I hope they improve in training law enforcement officers appropriately. Especially in the knowledge of law and their appropriate powers.
    7 hours ago · Report

    Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) Dear Richard Grayson and Eugene Kennedy Ch’ng,

    To Richard, we understand and sympathize with your friend’s for having that bad experience. PDRM will take the views and constructive comments seriously. Thanks for sharing and wish both of you Good Day. Thanks …
    4 minutes ago · Report

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