Attention Seeking Whores: How to get rid of them

This article is inspired by loads of whores in my life. Dating from school, to my adult years. Credits ought to be given to them, and not to me.

Attention seeking whores. Three words that makes my life a complete mess. Working in the media line, my life is full of socialites wannabe and fame seeking whores sometimes, it’s sickening, because in truth, capable people does not really need to do many things to gain attention.

But I guess not many people share the same sentiments as I do. Some people like to be seen. And likes to show off. Likes to show how perfect they are. They are always on their high horses, and I wish I can tell them to repent, because God is greater than anything in the world, and nobody is perfect.

Besides getting sick and tired for the lack of freedom at work, that is another reason why I quit working with one of our national favourite newspaper. It’s full of bullshits and attention seekers. Did you know that some columns are bought by these attention seekers or people with intention to promote their products and make themselves look good?

Well, some columnist are not exactly chosen or hired by these newspaper companies, but the space was bought by columnists in question so they could use the space to express whatever they like, including advertising their products. Some, on the other hand, pestered the editors to give them some space til the editors get sick of it and give in to them.

I’ve dealt with that sort of people, and it’s funny sometimes that they are so persuasive that I barely can hold in my laughter. Well…such things speaks volumes, actually.

Weak editors who allowed such people to get into their pants is the caused why the newspaper in question lacks quality control. God, sometimes I just wish they could just use the advertisement section instead of columns. They have advertisement space for some reason, you know? Why do you want to cheat people and mislead the readers?

Anyway, I’m straying.I’m just so pissed, so bear with me. Those not so bright people are asking me to reconsider working with them again. 🙁 It upset me, cuz the environment is not for me as I’ve always believe that capable people does not need to do many things to get themselves noticed. Besides, I am happy freelancing for an international magazine right now. Why would I want to go for domestic while I can go international is beyond me. 🙁

I have always believed in that, even as a young child that capable people does not need to do many things to get themselves noticed. And that is why, when I grew up, I try to maintain a low profile, cuz for what it’s worth, being famous is damn easy. If I really want it…nobody could stop me.

Anyway, as of late, I’ve discovered something that I never suspected before. These attention seeking whore are actually mentally ill. Medically speaking. Yes, there is such sickness.  It’s a terrible illness known as Munchausen Syndrome.

Munchausen Syndrome is an attention-seeking personality disorder which is more common than statistics suggest. Munchausen Syndrome, named after a German soldier renowned for exaggerated tales, is a predominantly female disorder in which an emotionally immature person with narcissistic tendencies, low self-esteem and a fragile ego has an overwhelming need to draw attention to herself and to be the center of attention.

In Munchausen Syndrome, this is achieved by capitalizing on, exploiting, exaggerating or feigning illness or injury or personal misfortune. The opportunities for being center of attention can be increased if feigning victimhood through alleged victimization, isolation, exclusion or persecution is added to the equation; the Munchausen person can then depict another person (often a family member or friend) as a victimizer or persecutor and herself as the victim.

Presenting herself as a false victim is also a Munchausen trait. Apart from that, they would also do whatever it takes to be in the center of attention, including lying and using people around them to get attention. They would also, stoop as low as to using children to gain attention and achieve their goals. Terrible, right?

God, I wish I knew about this earlier… that all these while, I’ve been dealing with some terrible psychopath in need of professional help. It would have saved me from wasting my breath and attention each time they do nonsense.

I was told that to deal with these sort of people… with such disorder is just to ignore them. That is the best way to get rid of them. Never ever give them the satisfaction of being in the center of attention, because they never stop, and will never stop. They might not realize that they are doing it, but it will continue til they realize that they are in need of special care and attention from psychologist.

I’m sorry for the misleading title. I don’t have exact solution on how to get rid of attention seeking whores who are constantly getting on your nerves, but the next time they step on your tail, you could mention about this illness to them, and tell them to get some professional help.

Cleffairy: Do you have such tendencies? Please get professional help so that you can get rid of your Munchausen Syndrome and spare me the misery of dealing with you!


    • Cleffairy says:

      I never knew too, til one day, those people pushed me over the edge, and I discovered that there is such illness, actually. Good God, tell me about it. Some of my ‘acquaintances’ too have this illness. Somebody please get them some professional help!

    • Cleffairy says:

      I tink, when we’re small… it is quite normal… part of growing up. But if you’re already an adult and yet do all sort of nonsense just for attention, I think that is not normal.

  1. manglish says:

    hahahaahah thanks for the insight… a certain extent we are all guilty of it, the different is only by how much….make sense? hahaha

    • Cleffairy says:

      I think… we’re still normal. I was a brat who wants attention when I was young, but I grew out of it, I guess. Stopped wanting such attention when I grew up. I stopped working for that certain newspaper oso becoz I can’t stand those females who overdo it when they seek attention. Those artist/ so called columnist wannabes. *sigh*

  2. suituapui says:

    Be yourself, live for yourself…and try to be happy. It takes all kinds to make the world and we can’t make everyone the way we want them to be. Love those you like and ignore those that get on your nerves – life is too short to waste on the likes of them!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yeah, true… I just hope these people, who have this Munchausen Syndrome wun develop it til become Munchausen Syndrome by proxy. To an extent which can cause death to herself, or people around her just because the strong need for attention.

  3. jen says:

    hmm, i think everyone wants/needs attention. for instance, when you write a good book, bet you’ll feel happy and contented when others truly appreciate your masterpiece 🙂 even kids need/want attention. they want their parents/teachers to praise them when they draw something nice. attention works like some sort of motivation at times. we do not need others to approve what we do but then we tend to feel nice if they agree with us 🙂 but of course there are some who might be a little too desperate and overdo it, hehe.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Those are normal kind of attention. Those you mentioned is normal, and even I’m guilty to some of it. Mostly when I was a child. LOL…but when I hit 17, I never want any kinda attention from my parents. AHahahahaha~! Cuz kacau ma… always kacau my privacy.

      This Munchausen Syndrome is actually quite horrible wan. According to studies, some of them would hurt small children or humiliate them in order to get attention. Some even work as caregivers… next time I write about that, and I suspect, some people I know have this bloody syndrome. o.O Cuz tend to overdo things for attention.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I never knew it was a sort of disease oso…well, if I’ve known earlier, I would have just refer them to gleneagles or sth. they have good psychologist!

  4. ericlee says:

    attention whores? the world is filled with it…go blog something under the tile “how to get more traffic to ur blog” or things like that, u will be surprised how many ppl actually visit your blog for it..there are no cures for is due to the competitive era we lived in but whether u like it or not…

    sometimes that kind of attitude brings us forward….especially to the economy…will malaysia progress until this stage(ok even if it’s not high enough) without this attitude? Malaysia wanted to seek attention of the world by doing all sorts of things such as making a national car the “express” way, sending an astronaut to space, saying bullshits about how national football team can get into top 100 world ranking and so on. But it is due to this kind of attitude that Malaysia is so much more famous now and many foreign companies invested here..

    may be attention seeking is a disease..but who can deny the power of fame? It is same as lust. When u get addicted to sex, then it is a disease. It is the addiction that drives ppl to madness. I don’t think u r the only ones who have attention seekers throughout ur life..I too knew a few and one of them even to the extend of throwing a fight with me and back stabbed me to everyone because of it..jealousy that i get more attention than he does especially from girls…not because i purposely go flirts around, they come to talk to me…even if it’s you, i guess u will prefer to talk to me than a brainless bastard that talks nothing but his own muscles, gangster days and some very cold jokes…at least i dun push it..

    so basically, i’ve been through a lot too from ppl like them…i bet almost everyone have such experience whether they know it or not

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wah! Comment so long…LOLOL…

      Hmm, I think there is a fine line between competitiveness and motivation to move forward and attention seeking disease? I think the word that I’d use to describe what we have done… eg, making our own national auto, build one of the finest airport in the world, KLCC Twin Tower, etc etc is ‘visionary’, and not ‘attention seeking’?

      Anyway, Munchausen Syndrome is a female disease worr… not male’s disease. I’ve looked it up and found that it is rather scary. Usually female who has it depicted herself as a perfect person, especially a perfect mother, and yet, she does many things to get attention drawn to herself. Pretends sick, hurt/humiliate her own child so that when the child is sick, she can be seen as a gentle and caring mother…

      *sigh* Sometimes, I wonder how to determine the people with this illness and the normal kind of attention seeking? Looks almost the same to me. =.=

      Of course… as a woman, I’d prefer to have an intellectual conversation with a man rather than having bimbotic conversation with a half cooked male specimens. It would have been a waste of my time and breath talking to jerks, you know? I always prefer brains first, then looks…

      • ericlee says:

        limits to females but male too have that tendency..just not most of us..and allow me to enlighten you on why I think Malaysia’s attempt of having our own national car is more towards “attention seeking” than “motivation”..Be warn that this gonna be long…

        First of all, our very first national car are only ASSEMBLED here. The design is done locally by local designer too. But that’s all to it. Why do we seem to achieve that so fast while China only did it in recent years? Answer is simple, Malaysia tends to do everything in express way and the parts engineering and patent are initially from Mitsubishi and now Lotus.. which is why Proton Wira looks so much like Mistubishi Evo 3 becoz everything inside is almost the same as Wira is more of a downgraded Evo3…to cut it short, Malaysia cannot manufacture a car by ourselves and we have to sign contract with Mitsubishi to help us and there is a clause that every Proton car must be approved by Mitsubishi before putting it on the market..which explains why Proton Wira and cars same generation with it are so much better..

        then malaysia tried to act smart and come out with proton Waja without discussing with Mitsubishi…Remember how badly it was made and all the complaints? this angers Mitsubishi and hence terminating the contract…Malaysia did attempt to come out on their own but failed which explains why there such a long period of time Proton never come out with any cars…Then they bought Lotus and not long after that…Proton gen 2 is out…is because due to the country’s ego, they just want to elevate their name into an industrial country rather than an agricultural country that leads to this..

        China and Korea had slowly studied the engineering which is why they dun need any help from any company besides engine to manufacture their own car…this takes time which explains why China so late only got their own national car..Malaysia wants it quick and the express way and that’s what happens when you try to run before u can walk..all is because of getting attention and upgrading the country’s image…

        And do u know the proton we import to foreign countries are much better than the ones made for the locals in terms of quality? go check on the internet and u will find so many people comment on that. Now you be the judge. Does all this shows that Proton values image and profit over everything else good to the people of this nation?

        The Twin Tower? My lecturer once told me that the project was not Malaysia’s idea to begin with. It is not even designed by a local designer but a famous foreign architecture. It is only build here.

        That’s what you get by studying design in my uni. My lecturers and seniors tell a lot of bad sides of Proton to us. Those unknown to public. XD WAH LAU damn long…LMAO

        • Cleffairy says:

          Wah…. the shits about Proton. I had no idea. Except I tot Proton was Tun Dr. M’s vision! But then… I do know Proton export cars are much better than the locals.

          • ericlee says:

            his vision…but doing it the wrong way…they just want it quick to prove the public wrong and then elevate malaysia into an industrial country

            • Cleffairy says:

              *sigh* I never knew about this shits except that maybe Proton Wira looks somewhat like Evo. 🙁

              I guess, this the case where right thoughts executed in a wrong way, eh?

              I have no complaints though. For what it’s worth,I think Proton is much better than Perodua. Design wise and durability, that is.

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