Attractions in Bentong: ATV Off-Roading in Bilut Extreme Park

If you have been following my blog, you will discover that it is no secret that I’m all for domestic travel and eco-escapade. I’m a Malaysian through and though and I’m in love in my own country. I’ve been on a mission to explore Bentong, Pahang since early of 2016 and I’m glad to report that the small town has much more to offer than just their well famed ginger.

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There are plenty of places you can go with your family while you are in Bentong, and if you are an extreme sports lovers, you will definitely appreciate Bilut Extreme Park.

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They are offering plenty of activities for you to try, and here’s sharing one of it, ATV Ride.

Introduction to Bilut Extreme Park

Ms. Isabel Low, the Manager of Bilut Extreme Park is giving a short introduction on what Bilut Extreme Park have to offer.

Bilut Extreme Park ATV Ride Introduction

A video of Ms. Isabel, giving instruction on how to handle the vehicle before we were let loose on the training track for some warming up before going for the real off-road route.

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ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle. I’ve been off-roading on 4WD a couple of times as of writing, but this was my first time doing ATV off-roading.

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Here’s the training track where all the warm ups and training is done before we were let loose on designated routes.

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Group photo before the ride

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We had the opportunity to go off-roading on it after our instructor is satisfied that we could handle the vehicle properly.

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Riding along the riverside

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Group photo at one of the scenic location of our route.

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A wefie together after the ride

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One for the album.

The route designated for us was pretty and tough challenging for beginners and some in our group struggled to control the ATV during our session but after we got a hang of it, it is actually a breeze and pretty much enjoyable.

There are plenty of routes available and in case you’d like to try ATV off-roading in Bilut Extreme Park, here’s the packages you can consider;

Price and Packages for ATV Ride

ATV Route A RM 70
Approximately 30 minutes ride
5 min learning & test ride
15 min palm trees track
10 min off road ride
Stream crossing + uneven off road
*easy & suitable for beginner 

ATV Route B RM 120
Approximately 60 minutes
5 min learning & test ride
15 min palm oil track
40 min off road ride
Stream crossing + challenging Hills + Hilltop viewing point
*moderate = suitable for good skills’ rider

ATV Route C RM180
Approximately 90 minutes
5 min learning and test ride
15 min palm oil track
70 min off road ride
Stream crossing + riding on the stream + Challenging Hills + 2 hilltops + rubber estate ride
*hard = suitable for experienced rider

ATV Route D RM 200
Approximately 90 minutes
5 min learning + test ride
15 min palm oil tree ride
50 min off road ride
20 min riding on the stream
Challenging uphill road + Hilltop viewing point + Rubber estate road
*very hard = suitable for experienced rider with good skills

ATV Route E RM 200
Approximately 90 minutes 
5 min learning + test ride 
15 min palm oil tree ride 
70 min off road ride
Riding on the stream + rubber estate + Advance level uphill road + Highest View Point in Bilut Valley
*Extreme = Suitable for advance rider

Family Route RM120
 Approximately 60 minutes
5 min learning + test ride
15 min palm oil track
40 min off road ride
Stream crossing + small uphill
*easy = suitable for 1st timer, family with children or family with elderly

For more information on Bilut Extreme Park, refer to the information below:

Bilut Extreme Park
Address : Lot 6776 Jalan Bilut – Raub, Lurah Bilut, 28800 Bentong, Pahang
Call for booking : +60146088803
                             : +60179770884
Operating Hour : Monday to Sunday 930am to 6pm (Close on Wednesday)                            
Email address: [email protected]
Facebook :  

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