August 2008

There’s so many thing going on in August 2008. Olympic is coming, woohoo, two more days to go, as well as the Hungry Ghost Festival. 8.8.2008 is also coming, so by all means, please avoid Thean Hou Temple as well as other marriage registration spot to avoid massive traffic jams, because there are so many couples decided to mark their relationship by getting married on that ‘auspicious’ date. Personally, I don’t really think that the ‘date of marriage’ matters much, as long as couples love each other and honour all of their matrimonial oath, then I think everything will be all right.

Then, my fellow Malaysians, there’s this particular date…you guys know what date? It’s 31st August. Hmm, what date is it? Is it Princess Diana’s death day anniversary? Yes, it is, but this particular date bears a bigger significance to fellow Malaysians than Princess Diana’s death anniversary. This coming 31st August marks 51 years of our country’s independence from British colonial.

I’m writing this over my tea and sandwich, so pardon the gibberish. Eating also makes me think, and I’m truly wondering why the government is not making much effort to celebrate Independence day this year? Why? 51 years of independence from British colonial is not as important as celebrating 50 years of independence? Our government take great pains to promote last year’s independence day which marks our 50 years of independence, but I don’t see they’re doing anything to promote it this year. Am I missing something here? Did they do anything to promote our independence day this year? By this date, last year, free Malaysian flags and stuff has been distributed generously but this year, there’s not a whisper about ‘Merdeka’ at all. Being independent for 50 years is more important than being independent for 51 years? Why are the government not campaigning for independence day this year? No money? But then again, it seems that they had allocate some amount for the Permatang Pauh by-election. Why can’t they do the same for independence day?

Obviously, I’m not missing anything. The government seems to forget about our independence day in the midst of POLITICKING and busy trying to gain the citizen’s support in the coming Permatang Pauh’s by election, contested by big bananas and small bananas alike. The Election Commission has set Aug 16 for nomination and Aug 26 for polls for the Permatang Pauh by-election, and everyone seems to be busy for that particular by lection. Ah yes. To the government and most politicians our there, campaigning for the by election is far more important than celebrating being liberated from British’s clutches for 51 years.

In their quest for power, the government and opposition alike seems to be forgetting their root. If our forefathers was not visionary and patriotic enough to send delegates to England and request Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II to grant us independence, those power thirsty creeps don’t even stand chance to be contesting in the Permatang Pauh by-election. They’ll probably go around shouting “Long live the Queen” or “Lord save the Queen” instead of “I’ll bring down fuel price by yadda yadda cents” or “Trust me, I’ll make your life better if I become the PM tomorrow”.

Seeing the politicians behaving like some forgetful and ungrateful bastards who only have interest power and money instead of the citizens, I wonder if being free from the clutch of British’s claw is good after all. Long gone are the patriotic spirit, and long gone are the spirit of enriching our own citizens. Is this coming 31st August going to mark 51 years of independence or it’s just going to be another free off day for us to sleep at home? I can no longer answer that because obviously, we are not really independent and liberated in many ways.

Cleffairy: I used to look forward to celebrating independence day because it reminds me to be grateful of what I have today, but I can’t say the same this year. I can only be grateful that my family is with me instead of being grateful for a prosperous country.


  1. cleffairy says: absolutely free mobile dating sites

    LMAO… actually my article is also yadda yadda and yak yak and bla bla also only what. Damn… my keyboard is kinda disgusting, got some mayo on it. When will Cleff ever learn not to type while eating?


  2. Calvin says:

    as for me…..31st August is just another ordinary day. a day where the govt baggers go spend millions of ringgit on stupid parades and fireworks. creating massive jams and accidents all over the country…*sigh*

    so to overcome my saddened state, rach and i will be travelling to rompin for our church’s family camp for 2 1/2 days. better fellowship with friends and family than to frown at home, feeling depressed…..and oh yes!! after reading your blog on olympics, really looking forward for the opening. my family planned to have a durian feast to celebrate…lol. Oh and btw, now I know what the heck is LMAO..hahaha

  3. chit says:

    dont think i will pay attention to much u hv listed out, but since u hv highlighted those events in such fashionable writings, perhaps i will give a minute or two …lah….hehehehe. che wah! but this time around, i hv purposedly booked a flight out of country by month end. holidays (especially those in a stretch) r hard to come by and i guess we need to make the most out of it…moreover, it’s ‘quite’ meaningless to b too patriotic….cough* cough*. lol.

    to me, august is significant because it marks two third into the year….time’s running out!!!!! lol.

  4. cleffairy says:

    Haha…actually, I’m same kaki as Calvin, cuz this year, there’s nothing to look forward to. This time, it’s just another free holiday for me. I used to feel thankful when merdeka approach, but this year, i also dunno what to feel thankful about except for having my family with me.

    I actually looked forward to seeing the fireworks at my condo’s balcony with my other half and wonder how many million they spent this time.(i can never go to dataran merdeka or KLCC to celebrate, becoz it sux!)
    Aihh, Calvin, why la so depressed? Chill it. Durian fest with your family, during Olympic opening? Whoah, Durianlympics! OMG…i can never eat durian without having a fever a day after that. Sigh. Can never enjoy the feeling of ‘durian festival’. i wish i can eat durian… my hubby’s grandma owned a durian orchard!!! Argh! 😛 Anyway, i hope you’ll have fun in your church camp.

    Chit, wah, you’re going for a holiday. Lucky you. yours truly over here can’t go for holiday. I doubt anyone is feeling ‘patriotic’ this year with things that’s going on in our country these days. It’s very hard to feel that way…right?

  5. roses says:

    olympic woo hoo~~
    people rushing to get marry on that day?!?!
    now this is even crazier. my mom’s birthday is on that day and when she tells people, they just laughed at her coz it’s Olympic and everyone is claiming that day to be their bday…well, it’s official bday for my mom and as far as i know, she celebrated same bday for DECADES~~
    so when u guys watch the celebration of Olympic this yr, please kindly remind urself of my mother….hehehehehehe

    i used to look forward to all this yadda yadda merdeka celeb, but as i get older, politics seem darker and it got me aint interested…*yawn*
    some old kids playing in playground. u throw me mud, i throw u sand like that..

    i am gonna put ur link on my blog

  6. cleffairy says:

    Yalorr, people are rushing to get married on that day. 8.8.2008, lucky number they said.

    Your mom’s bday coming too? and on 8.8! That’s nice. What are you getting her for her birthday? Heheh, Rose, pass some hugs and kisses and a happy birthday from me to your mom,okay?

    Hahaha… same here. the yadda yadda MERDEKA thingie has lost it’s appeal these days. It’s no longer exciting. 🙁

    Btw, I took the liberty to put ur blog link into mine a couple of days ago. Sorry, forgot to ask first. 😛

  7. cleffairy says:

    Eh, pete, I dunno what time is Olympic opening…my genius plan was wait til that day, Den see the tv schedule what time it start. =.= some master plan. huh?

  8. roses says:

    you dont have to ask la..i am fine it..hehehe

    prolly, i will be dating my mom out for a meal. thanks for all the hugs and kisses n the wishes. on behalf of my mom.
    she got pissed off with the whole beijing olympic thingy..hehehe

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