Auspicious Beginnings at Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ

If there is one place that never disappoint me and my family when it comes to festive season dining is Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ. Not only the food surpassed my expectation but the staff is also attentive towards your needs as well. Bonus brownie points? Utara Coffee House is not only affordable but it is also a Halal certified eatery, making the restaurant perfect for gatherings with Muslim family and friends during festive season.

It is almost mid January 2016 as of writing and Chinese New Year is fast approaching. I have yet to prepare for reunion dinner and stuff, but dining out with family is the least of my worries right now as Utara Coffee House is offering bountiful buffet and set packages for Chinese New Year 2016.

There’s plenty of things you can enjoy in the buffet spread, but here’s sharing with you what my family and I managed to sample during our media preview.

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Executive Chef Chew, posing with Utara Coffee House Chinese New Year 2016 offerings.

Interview with Executive Chef Chew on the Chinese New Year’s specials in Utara Coffee House.

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Prosperity Yee Sang (Butter Fish). There’s a variety of Yee Sang offered by Utara Coffee House, but we tried the Prosperity Yee Sang with Butter Fish variant of it. Creative presentation in the form of a colourful turtle, signifying wealth and prosperity will surely appeal to you visually as it would to you palate.

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Chinese New Year Cold Cuts makes a good starter, definitely. The cold cuts are all flavourful and yet not too heavy that you’d be complaining that you’re to full to try the next dish.

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Braised Seafood Soup. The soup was aromatic and full of oceanic goodness. A bit heavy on the fish side, in my humble opinion but it’s nothing that can’t be remedied with black vinegar provided.

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Glutinous Rice with Smoked Chicken was sensational, to say the least. The glutinous rice was not mushy and was generous with meat stuff fillings. I’m guessing it’s chicken and some sort of nuts and dried shrimps.

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Deep Fried Whole Fish with Cheong Cheng Sauce. I’m not a fan of fish, as the fishy smell and the tiny bones puts me off. But this dish is good, and the sauce was even more exceptional, making me wish that there was a bowl of rice to go with this.

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Vegetarian Treasure Hot Pot (Poon Choy). One of the wonderful dish offered for Chinese New Year 2016 in Utara Coffee House, Armada PJ is the Vegetarian Treasure Hot Pot or in Chinese, the Poon Choy. The meat version usually includes all sort of seafood and meat and is usually richly flavoured. Catering Muslims and vegetarians, this version of Poon Choy is as satisfying as the meat variant of it. The whole thing is bursting with flavour and will warrant you for more helpings.

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Wok Fried Lamb Steak with Honey Perrin Sauce was finger licking good and I was absolutely tempted for a second after trying one piece of the wok fried lamb steak, but refrained due to the fact that my body does not always react well to lamb meats and always gets heaty and feverish after consuming them.

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Baked Salt Fried Prawns was all right. I have no complaints whatsoever about them and my husband and son seems to find them addictive.

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Chinese Longevity Noodles. This dish was served with thick, clear gravy as oppose to dark gravy considering that it is meant to be a Chinese New Year’s dish where everything must be bright and vibrant. The noodle was smooth and not the springy or chewy kind. Quite pleasant to slurp down and it is definitely comforting to the growling tummy. Great to be consumed on rainy days, I reckon.

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Rainbow Tong Yuen was served in hot herbal syrup. I gave this a miss as I’m not a fan of all things herbal and I find this rather overwhelming on my palate. My husband however, polished three bowls of the Rainbow Tang Yuan. One needs to have an acquired taste to be able to enjoy this dessert, I guess.

The Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner is priced at RM78 per adults, RM55 for senior citizens and RM39 per child.

Prosperity Set Menu (minimum table of 10 pax):
Blissful Longevity Set Menu: RM978++
Everlasting Success Set Menu: RM1088++
Bountiful Treasure Set Menu:RM1198++
Good Health and Prosperity Set Menu: RM1308++

Yee Sang Selection (Priced at RM65 per portion):
Fruity Veggie Yee Sang
Salmon Yee Sang Yee Sang
Hokkaido Scallops Yee Sang
Soft Shell Crabs Yee Sang
Butterfish Yee Sang

For reservation or enquiries on Utara Coffee House Chinese New Year’s special, please call: +6 03 7954 688 ext. 4557 or email: [email protected]

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