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Some of my friends wondered why I did not blog much about my trip to Penang last month. Well, truth be told, while Penang is a great place, there’s not really much for me to talk about. I mean… I went there for a second honeymoon…(well, I considered that as one), and what I did there last month is not exactly for public’s knowledge.

There is not much to tell, really… I can’t even boast about where I stay as I choose to stay in a guesthouse instead of splurging in Hard Rock Hotel and whatnot.

You see, I don’t exactly go for luxurious stuff… I feel much more comfortable when traveling on a shoestring, and to me, I can experience a whole lot more when I choose to stay in places where backpackers stay.

This is where I stay at last month in Batu Ferringhi. It’s a guest house for backpackers, operated by a friendly Chinese family. It’s located just opposite the beach, and boy… it was a real heaven for me.

It doesn’t even take a minute for me to walk over to the beach from this guest house.

TV is only available in the livingroom, and guests are allowed to do their own cooking in the guest house’s kitchen.

Below is how my room looks like.

There’s nothing for me to complain about this place. It’s clean, comfortable and homey. I’m quite an insomniac, but when I was staying there, I had no difficulties sleeping. I was lulled by the sound of the waves outside. I was completely at peace.

Th AC is old, but it’s really cold, even during the hottest day. So no complain here either.

Baba Guest House is surprisingly clean… even the bathroom is squeaky clean, and I’d any day choose to stay here than in those expensive 5 star hotels.

It cost Rm100 per night in an air-cond room with bathroom en suite. There’s no TV, but why the hell would I need an idiot box when I don’t watch TV anymore, anyway? I’m more to an outdoor girl… so having an idiot box in the room is just a waste as I won’t be turning it on at all.

This guest house provides FREE WIFI, though, so it’s great for travelers who wants to keep in touch with their family and whatnot through the Internet while they are on vacation.

Thank you, Baba and family for being such a wonderful host. I really enjoyed my stay in Ferringhi, and I really hope to stay with you again. (keeping my finger crossed)


Cleffairy: I Prefer to travel like a backpacker.




  1. swk says:

    sounds like Curry Powder brand… you still working ka? jom pi makan. Am going to KL to pickup something though…

    **can bollywood behind the curtain aye?**

    • says:

      It’s very clean wan, Ling… I think if you go there you would like it… provided u dun watch tv la. Ngam me very much, cuz I dun watch tv. They provide free WIFI summore, dun nid to worry that you’ll get disconnected from the world.

      LOL… yeah… I meet a lot of interesting people over there in Baba’s house. All angmoh. Kakakaka… this place suits me very well, I feel at home there.

  2. Twilight Man says:

    LMAO!!! Idiot Box – I just learnt a new word today!… Ha ha ha ha!

    I agree that this room is worth the money and you could hear the waves! So romantic for honeymoon! I might want to stay there next time!

    • says:

      Ohhh… Good Hope inn at least Rm180. Not my choice cuz it’s in town… I dowan to stay in town cuz I’m abit of budak kampung… die die oso wan stay by the beach. LOL!

      Neway, this guest house is situated at the heart of Ferringhi strip… I have no complaints whatsoever…the beach is just 1-2mins walk away, makan places is just 2-3 minutes walk from the guest house oso… very, very convenient. That Batu Ferringhi night market oso just 5 minutes walk away from this house.

      Haihhh….. my bday coming soon… Xmas oso coming…. must go on my bodek mode to bodek my hubby to bring me there again. I didn’t get enough of the place.

  3. tiny boy says:

    now 3 times already i slept at Baba Guest House..
    yeah,like u say,its very nice…
    i’m lovin’it…
    This Guest house wifi very nice..
    its password still saved in my laptop..

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