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To say that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking is an understatement these days. There are a lot of changes in my life that I need to adapt to. With my husband having a change of job that requires him to be outdoors most of the time, and with my son being occupied with school stuff, I feel a tad lonely… and lost, even.

But that’s all right, I suppose. I finally have more time to myself, and that is not exactly a bad thing, considering that I can have more time to breathe…have a ‘ME’ time, to do things that I want to do without anyone bugging me to do stuff for them. Being all  by myself at times does not necessarily mean that it’s a pathetic thing. It just means that I just need to find balance and fill up the void.

And what better way to fill up the void than going back to school again? 😛 Whoever say you cannot continue to pursue your education and enjoy studying when you’re married? Well, I know there are plenty of people out there who will go against the idea, but I’m all for balancing up your studies and your family. Those who go against it are foolish, in my opinion. To me, it’s not impossible. I was still a student when I just gave birth to my son. I juggled between my study and my family many years back, and if I can do it then, there is no reason that I cannot do it now. I’m a competitive person and I’ve always believe that there is nothing I can’t accomplish if I put my mind to it.

I know I’ve been talking about going back to study since last year, but as you know, plenty of unexpected things happened and I had to put it on hold due to financial constraint. 🙁 But now that things are looking slightly better, it’s time for me to finally execute what I’ve planned before and get things back on track.

I can’t wait to go back to the lecture halls for classes, get loads of assignments to do and feel the thrill of preparing for an exam again. Call me crazy, but I find that the whole studying experience is very exciting and stimulating.

But wait, there’s a problem. 🙁 I’ve missed most of the intake for this year. 🙁 I’ve missed my alma mater’s intake, and if I want to start studying again this year, I will have to consider other university or college instead. To be honest, I’m a bit reluctant to consider other university or colleges apart from my alma mater to continue my study, but I suppose I could give others some consideration.

The new INTI International College Subang (IICS) looks pretty promising. INTI embraces the concept of a cosmopolitan learning environment, with emphasis on openness and community. It is definitely something that I’m looking for in a college. INTI is a part of world’s largest private education network with a presence in 29 countries, with more than 60 accredited universities and 130 campuses, serving more than 740,000 students globally. Students in INTI will benefit not only from it’s over 25 years of experience and strong track-record, but also gain from the global synergy and resources that Laureate International Universities provides. INTI provides students access to an international learning experience beyond Malaysia as part of their world class education at local prices.

INTI International College Subang (IICS) is at the final stage of reconstruction and upgrading works following an RM40 million investment to redevelop the campus. That definitely translate to new and polished facilities apart from great study environment for the students. IICS will have capacity for 7,000 students from Malaysia and across the globe. Do you know what that means? Well that means I will not only be able to widen my horizon with all the knowledge that they have to offer, but I’ll also be able to mingle around with people from various countries and experience a wide diversity of culture as well while studying there.

Awesome, isn’t it? I certainly think it’s awesome. Amenities will include a new three-storey building housing a 350-seat auditorium that will serve as an impressive venue for presentations by local and international speakers as well as ample learning spaces. It will also house INTI’s new School of Art & Design complete with a design gallery, studios, Macintosh and Autocad labs, materials library and design centre.

The new campus plaza will provide abundant space for outdoor meetings and open-air events as well as social and recreational activities to augment well-rounded personal development. Food and beverage outlets serving a variety of local and international fare will be accessible to INTI’s students, staff and visitors. Ample parking bays come with a sub-basement parking lot for 150 vehicles, so parking will not be an issue here if I were to study here.

I know it’s too early to get excited for anything, but will you just check these out?

This is the reception area for inquiry purposes.

The gallery area serves as a multi-functional space for events, enrollment, and to be used to display students’ projects. Apart from that, it will also serve as an exhibition space.

Modern sliding doors can be spotted everywhere in IICS.

Office for international students’ registration, counseling and consultations.

Resource centre. Used for Art & Design reference material; samples of fabric, tiles, wallpaper etc. Those who are in design course will definitely benefit from this greatly.

This is definitely a sight for forlorn eyes. The Video Lab/Video Studio for Mass Comm students is rather big, and can accommodate 15 students at one time. I never did had these when I was studying Mass Com back then. All we had was a lousy lab that can barely facilitate 5 students at one time.

The campus has a total of 8 design studios allocated for Art & Design students to utilized as a classroom or project discussion room.

Mac Lab / CAD Lab for the IT and Design Geeks…I mean, for IT and Design students. There is a total of 2 Mac Labs and 2 computer Labs where a total of 40 Macs will be provided. The lab could accommodate up to 25 student at one go.


The Drawing Studio for Art & Design students is impressively huge. It’s to be used for canvas drawing class and soon will be equipped with drawing easel and necessary art equipment.

Drafting Studio, especially for engineering and architecture students. The studio will be used during drafting sessions.Classes will be held in this room as well.

There is a total of 6 classrooms or tutorial rooms with a capacity of 20 students per room and can be utilized by all programs.

Staircase leading to the classrooms.


Lift that leads to the rooftop.

It’s not ready yet, but this is where the auditorium will be. I was told that the auditorium could easily fit 350 people in it, and there will be 274 build in seats. Each seat comes with its own power outlet and table. Stage lighting and sound system is an American based integrated system that is controlled by an iPad. The auditorium will be utilized for talks, events, student activities, etc.

What they have to offer is kinda impressive, don’t you think? But impressive as it is, I wish I could explore their facilities more before I sign up for anything.

I suppose lady luck is smiling at me as IICS will organize INTI Edge Festival from February 20 to 22, 2013 to showcase the new environment to the public.

The INTI Edge Festival will feature insightful workshops, competitions, celebrity appearances and international cuisines for guests to feast on. YouTube sensations JinnyBoy TV to celebrity DJs Patricia K and Joey G will also be around to rock your world.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re like me, and looking for the perfect place to pursue your studies, you might wanna check this out. I’ll be there during the festival for some ‘test-drive’ experience, so if if you’re interested in going, call 03-56232800 for more info or visit to register and let me know.  I look forward to see you there at the INTI Edge Festival 😀


 Cleffairy: Back to school for me. 😀



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