Bas**rds aplenty

These few months, I’ve encountered plenty of male human who apparently lacks paternity knowledge. Well, maybe they don’t exactly lack of paternity knowledge, but they certainly behaved like one, and have it my way, I would very much prefer to tell them in the face to have their DNA checked so that they know who is actually responsible in bringing them into this world and make a terrible impact to the people around them.

These disgusting creature are just plain intolerable, and to think that they have a cheek to call claim themselves as ‘man’ is inconceivable.

I wouldn’t mind as much if these disgusting creature only goes around boasting on how good and perfect they are and merely try to campaign around so that people in their circles believe that they are flawless, but going around criticizing others on how people should live their lives and handle their family…well, that is too much and beyond accepting, especially if they do it to the people whom they don’t even know in real life.

To have such Facebook friend in MY Facebook account is a complete insult as these people have nothing better to do than criticize my friends who needs not only motivation, but encouragements as well in regards of parenting and dealing with the challenges in their daily lives. One should never judge and tell others what to do. And if they want to do so, they ought to look at themselves in the mirror and walk the talk!

I do not need some chauvinistic swine who have nothing better to do than merely insult the integrity and the intelligence of others by giving stupid advice and make others feel bad about themselves while they themselves could use some manner management crash course.

It is disgusting to have such swine of a man in my Facebook friends’ list, and therefore, here’s apologizing to all of my Facebook friends who have ever been offended by that sort of people in my friends’ list. I can assure you that while such bas**rd is aplenty, I will continuously be careful with such people and remove them from my account and disallow them from continuing to see my Facebook status update so that such disgustingly intolerable creature will not have a chance to further insult and degrade you.

Please forgive me. The fault is all mine for adding them into my Facebook account. I can assure you that I merely add these swine because they are somehow associated with my husband, and I had no choice but give them face earlier when they requested me to add them as friend.

But I’ve learned the lesson the hard way, and is convinced that not everyone in the IT industry is trained to have manners and is incapable of socializing properly with the society and therefore, I’ve barred them from seeing my updates to avoid further negative activities and responses on my Facebook wall.

Your spouse’s friends cannot always be your friends. So be very selective when they requested you to be their friend on Facebook for they might offend your loved ones in the worst ways possible.

Cleffairy: Good riddance to bad rubbish. If I have a friend who have nothing better to do that questions my integrity or degrade my friends’ capabilities in parenting, I’d get rid of them immediately. No one needs that sort of disgusting creature in their lives.


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