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So, due to the Covid19, my country has somewhat being forced into a lockdown and I’ve been obediently staying at home for a month. I’m not feeling really okay. I’m an outdoor person and this feels like being in a home arrest more than anything else. To date, I haven’t even stepped my feet beyond my house’s gate and I’ve been hoping that things will get back to normal soon.

I’m thought of the good old times and I realized that I’ve been missing the food at BBQ Lamb Kemensah so badly, and so when I heard they are offering deliver service throughout the quarantine period, I knew I had to have it, since my home is 10km within their delivery coverage.

Here’s what I got for lunch the other day; Smokey Chicken Rice and Smokey Duck Rice

Smokey Duck Rice (RM17), deliciously smoked duck slices served with a side of fragrant herb rice and a garden of pickled vegetable salad, sauces and soup. I don’t usually like ducks because they are gamey, but these are to die for. There duck slices have gamey smell whatsoever and I certainly wouldn’t mind a second helping of this anytime.

Smokey Chicken Rice (RM15). A generous amount of smoked chicken served with a side of fragrant herb rice and a garden of pickled vegetable salad, sauces and soup for you to wash down your meal with.

If there’s anything that I like about the whole set meals is that they have thoughfully put together a garden of pickled veggies on the side for you to go with your rice with. I like how the pickled veggies complement and enhanced the savouriness of both the herb rice and meat.

Now, although the food is of first class in quality, it is srill not the same as dining in the river like it’s supposed to meant to be. If you’ve ever visited BBQ Lamb Kemensah prior to MCO, you’ll understand what I mean.

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I’m definitely gonna revisit and dine in the river again once MCO is lifted. But for now, I’m just gonna stay home, and let the food come to me.

Here’s sharing with you the delivery menu, in case you’d like to order some yummylicious food from BBQ Lamb Kemensah too:


Delivery menu for #bbqlambklkemensah

1. Smokey Chicken Rice RM15
2. Smokey Duck Rice RM17
3. Lamb rice Rm18

1. Wagyu Premium Burger- RM40
2. Wagyu + Australia meat Burger-RM25
3. Chicken Chop- RM15
4. Brisket- RM30
5. Lamb Burger RM25
6. Duck Burger RM15
7. Smoke Chicken Burger RM10

Burgers are on discount 20% as long as MCO and lockdown is still not lifted.

*Last order for lunch is at 12pm and delivery starts at 12.30pm

*Last order for dinner is 5.30pm while delivery starts at 6pm.

Delivery location coverage: 10km vicinity from BBQ Lamb Kemensah Restaurant- Ampang Hospital,Sentul, Batu Caves.

For more info, and to place your orders, please message the Whatapps numbers below:


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