Night River Dining at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL

Remember I posted about dining at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL with my family and my sister- in- law a couple of months back HERE? Well, I liked the place so much that I decided to dine there again, but this time around, with my blogger and photographer friends instead.


My previous visit was during the weekend and it was somewhat crowded and instead of dining in the river, we opted for some peace and quiet and dine by the riverside instead. I felt as if I was shortchanged back then as I did not dine in the river during my previous visit. I was full of regrets after that and keep thinking that I should have requested to dine in the river. I’ve always wanted to experience that and so, this time around, I requested to dine in the river with my friends.


The place is still as stunning as ever. There are not much changes here since my last visit, but I noted that there are less crowds during the weekdays. If you’d like some quiet back to nature dining, then I would recommend you to book a table at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL during the weekdays. You won’t regret it, I assure you.


With my family while waiting for our blogger friends to arrive.


Took the opportunity to snap a picture with my photographer&co-writer, Baha Nasir while waiting for the rest to arrive.


Nightfall at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL . It was just about 7pm when this photo was taken but the the sound of the water streaming from the river was practically lulling me to sleep and I felt so relaxed that I was almost half asleep when my friends arrived. It’s amazing how the serenity of nature keep me feel so calm and relaxed. And this is coming from someone who have insomnia and have difficulty sleeping.

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We were really lucky. It was really a quiet night at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL and we were the last patrons of the night.

During my previous visit, the swing at the river was always occupied, but this time around, nobody was playing on it and so my friend and I took the opportunity to play on the swing. Now, ladies and gentleman, the swing is actually for children, but well, nobody was around and we’re up to being a little naughty.

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It was really a wonderful feeling, to play on the swing while letting the water flow on our feet. It’s so relaxing but at the same time, refreshing too.

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There were 7 of us and so we ordered two sets of food; Mix Meat Platter and The Bird Platter.


A picture of us before we started to dig in. The water current at night was really cold and was quite deep in comparison to day time. It was practically at my calf when we were dining there. I was honestly a little worried that it will go up even further as I didn’t bring any change of clothes, but alas, it didn’t happen, thank God. My advice to you if you want to dine in the river at night in BBQ Lamb Kemensah is that you got to be really careful on where you step your feet on. Although the place is well lighted to prevent any untoward accidents, being a river, it’s naturally quite slippery, and I’d advice you to wear slippers or crocs to help you get a grip as you take your steps in the river. A change of pants or clothes is advisable as well, in case you get all soaked up by accident.


Anyway, back to the food. The platter comes with 4 plates of fragrant herb rice each, alongside with 4 bowls of desserts, a bowl of creamy lamb soup, sliced fruits and a jar of iced lemon tea.


Mix Meat Platter  consists of Tenderloin Beef, Smokey Duck slices, BBQ Lamb and BBQ Chicken and comes with four plates of fragrant herb rice, a plate of coleslaw salad, a bowl of Creamy Lamb Soup, four bowls of refreshing desserts, fruits and a jar of iced lemon tea. The meat were mostly well-cooked, including the tenderloin. Some people would find this disagreeable as some fancies their beef medium rare. But I couldn’t stomach bloodied meats and like my meats well cooked and therefore, this is okay for me. If you’re the kind who likes to have your meats while it’s still oozing with blood, please mention it when you made your order. Meats at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL comes fully cooked or rather well done by default. The Smokey Duck was sensational and definitely a not to be missed item over here. The lamb on the other hand was wonderful. There was no gamey smell whatsoever. Great for those who prefers their lamb without the pungent smell. Last but not least, the BBQ chicken. The BBQ chicken was pleasant on the palate as well. Again, the platter also came with 4 types of sauces; mint sauce, mayo garlic sauce, black pepper sauce and soy chilli sauce, but the meat already taste great on their own and I did not want the sauce to overwhelm the original flavour of the meat, so I did not dip any of my meat slices in them too this time around.

Similar to the Mix Meat Platter, the Bird Set Platter also comes with four plates of fragrant herb rice, a plate of coleslaw salad, a bowl of Creamy Lamb Soup, four bowls of refreshing desserts, fruits and a jar of iced lemon tea. These selection of bird meat is great for those who doesn’t take beef or lamb. These are really good. They were all really well marinated and flavourful. Young children will like these, I assure you. I’m glad we managed to try this and I’m looking forward to try their fish and seafood selection in my next visit. I’ve seen some diners ordered the fish platter and they look really good too.


Overall, dining at BBQ Lamb Kemensah KL is a great experience. Again,it was a happy experience for me and my friends. The ambiance is really soothing and relaxing and the staffs are always swift on their feet to serve. Like my previous visit, dining here is therapeutic on it’s own. Instead of just feeling full and satiated, I feel completely refreshed and energetic as well by the end of the meal. The only downside of it is that I ended up with shrivels and prunes on my feet by the end of my meal in the river, but that’s not something I can actually complain about, after all, I did soaked my feet in the water throughout the entire meal.

I guess a revisit is in order soon. I highly recommend this place, especially for those who are adventurous in nature. You may check out the menu and the pricing at their Facebook page HERE.

Here’s some tips to foodies who intend to dine here in the nearest future:

1. BBQ Lamb Kemensah is always swamped with diners, so early booking is recommended, especially if you want to dine in the river.
2. Bring a change of clothes if you plan to dine in the river or plan to swim in the pool
3. While this is a family and kids friendly restaurant, you must remember that your children are your own responsibility, so keep an eye on them at all times while dining in the river to ensure their safety. Please don’t let them run around or leave them unsupervised.
4. Bring a waterproof casing for your smartphones so that they won’t get wet should you drop them into the river.
5. The swimming pool is not a kiddy pool and is deep, so I wouldn’t recommend children under the age of 8 in the pool. But if you do decide to let your little kids swim in it, please make sure to watch them at all times and grab the complimentary tubes for them to use to ensure their safety.

For more information on BBQ Lamb Kemensah, please refer to the details below:

BBQ Lamb KL Kemensah
Jalan Taman Zooview,
Kampung Kemensah,
68000 Ampang, Selangor
For reservation or enquiries, you may whatapps or call: 012-211 4100

Operating hours:
Monday~Thursday .
12pm~10pm(last order 9pm)

4pm~10pm(last order 9pm)

Saturday & Sunday
Sessions 12pm~2pm
Sessions 2pm~4pm
Sessions 4pm~6pm
Sessions 6pm~8pm
Sessions 8pm~10pm

Please note that *Riverside* and *River dining* is available throughout the whole day. All you need to do is just state your preference when you arrived or during booking.


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