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Quite some time ago, Friso Gold and a group of celebrity mothers calls for Malaysian mothers to embrace and enjoy the journey of growing up together with their children. I was there to witness the meaningful event and I have to say that I’ve learned quite a few things from these successful celebrity mothers.

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In line with the launch of its’ newly improved formulated milk powder for children fully imported from Holland, premium milk powder brand Friso Gold has joined hands with a group of celebrity mothers to call for Malaysian moms to experience the growing up journey with their children.

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Supporting the call to “Be a G.U.T. Mom”, which abbreviates ‘Growing Up Together’ are actress, TV host, entrepreneur and joyful mother to a pair of twins, Sazzy Falak; actress, model, TV host and proud mother to a 1-year-9-months-old girl, Belinda Chee; fashion designer, creative director of fashion label PU3 and mother to a 2-year old boy, Putri Azalea Ramli; TV host, film producer, director of Kakiseni and mother of four children, Low Ngai Yuen; and a group of like-minded Malaysian mothers who strongly believe in the importance of experiencing with their kids during the growing up years.

Studies have shown that a child develops best through experiences and discoveries. A mother’s role is to encourage her children by joining them to explore and discover the world together. There will be times when children may stumble and fall, but allowing them to learn while holding their hands and cheering them on is the best support a mother can provide along the way.

During the meaningful event, they also introduce its newly improved formula, developed specifically to help improve a child’s natural body resistance.

Friso Gold is specially-formulated with Frisoshield, which contains a blend of nutrients, such as GOS, Zinc, Vitamins D and B6 and Selenium that are important for a child’s natural body resistance.

Local celebrity mothers shared their experiences of growing up together with their children over a casual chit-chat session at the event. Sazzy Falak, Belinda Chee, Putri Azalea Ramli and Low Ngai Yuen enthralled guests with amusing anecdotes, accompanied with photographs of precious growing up together moments with their little ones.

As an act of support to Friso Gold’s movement, all mothers at the launch event including the celebrity moms, donned on the “Be a G.U.T. Mom” badge, pledging their commitment and support. Friso Gold ambassadors Sazzy and Belinda were more than joyful to drive the call for the movement. Moms who are interested to pledge your commitment and support to “Be a G.U.T. Mom” movement can go to Friso Gold Malaysia Facebook to download its profile badge.

For more information about Friso Gold, visit or contact the Friso Careline at 1800-88-1647 (Monday-Friday, 8.30am – 4.30am). Follow Friso Gold on Facebook at


Cleffairy: The journey of growing up together is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Spend more time with your children, so that the bond you share remains as strong. Together with Friso Gold, “Be a G.U.T. Mom” today and create wonderful ‘Growing Up Together’ memories that you will cherish throughout the years.



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