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It was Friday and I’ve just picked up my son from school. And as usual, since there’s nothing to look forward to at home, I decided to go and window shop in KLFestival City, Setapak again. KLFestival City is fast becoming my second home and I practically know it like the back of my hand these days.

As I was walking around, I spotted something that I’ve never spotted before during my after-school window shopping escapades; Cornery. Debuted in Singapore back in 2008, Cornery has redefined people’s perceptions of popcorn and brought about a new trend of consuming popcorn outside of movie theatres.
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Newly opened about a month back and also the second franchise out of Singapore.

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Strange name for a popcorn shop, but apparently it’s a short form for ‘Popcorn gallery’.

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Meet Poppy, the Cornery’s mascot. 😀

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They’re offering free popcorn tasting.

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And have plenty of flavours in their popcorn ‘gallery’.

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Who am I to deny free food tasting? I’ve tasted all of them, and they’re all interesting in their own way. But I have to say that I’m a little bit unadventurous when it comes to fancy-tasting popcorn taste. I particularly find the ‘Grape Soda’ flavour rather strange and not very appealing.

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Love their butterscotch, caramel and peanut flavour, though. These candied popcorns are addictive, and I definitely would not mind a few bags of em in one sitting.

All popcorns in Cornery are made fresh daily. Cornery uses only United States grown premium popcorn kernels, which explains the quality.

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First, the popcorns are popped by using these air popper. I was told that Cornery chooses hot-air-popped corn because it is lower in calories, cleaner and healthier. 😀

 photo IMG_3232_zps8bba2797.jpg

Once the popcorns were popped, they’re sieved through.

 photo IMG_3301_zpsb9bba17a.jpg

Only the properly popped popcorns are used here in Cornery. The manual stirring process is pretty tedious as you need to continuously stir the mixture with extra effort, and it takes a real man with real stamina to do it. 😀
 photo IMG_3246_zps64a00346.jpg

Here’s how the popcorn looks like after it’s evenly coated with flavours.

It’s not easy to evenly coat the flavour, I must say. Here in Cornery, almost everything is hand made. Check out Cornery’s popcorn artist hard at work in ensuring that the popcorns are evenly coated before it’s certified consumable. 😀

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Popcorns sold are sealed tight to ensure lasting freshness and if left unopened, can be kept for about two weeks. If I were to compare against the likes of Planet Popcorn, Tea Chansii and Garretts to just name a few, my standout favourites  here in Cornery would have to be the Butterscotch, Caramel and the Green Tea flavour.

In terms of size, colour and flavour, the quality is pretty consistent for separate batches of popcorns. Besides butterscotch, it comes in an extensive variety of new,  unconventional gourmet popcorn flavours.

To date, Cornery has the widest variety – over 22 flavours – ranging from original to candied as well as savoury, which includes the unique Asian flavours: Tom Yum, Curry, Wasabi, Tandoori Chicken, Kimchi and Seaweed. But they’re yet to be made available in this particular outlet. To date, they are only offering 8 candied flavours, Caramel, Black Sesame, Banana, Green Tea, Grape Soda and Peanut.

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Here’s the price for your reference.

Large Pack – RM20
Regular Pack – RM10
Grab Pack – RM7 

 photo IMG_3239_zpsc6fd4a76.jpg

Cornery KLFestival City is having a grand opening promo. All you need to do is just buy Rm20 worth of popcorns and you’ll get a Rm5 voucher to spend on your next visit.

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Wait! There’s more. Apart from the grand opening promo, the Cornery KLFestival City is also having a spciel promo to celebrate KLFestival City second year anniversary. First 20 shoppers from 2pm onwards is entitled to buy a bag of popcorn worth Rm7 for just Rm2, so if you around in KLFestival around that hour, do drop by and grab a pack to enjoy.

For more info on Cornery popcorns and current promotions, hop over to their Facebook page:


  1. Huai Bin says:

    I didn’t know Cornery is in Malaysia!

    I first had it in Singapore too, they have an outlet near my sister’s place (mall within walking distance, no need MRT). I don’t like their green tea and grape soda though (only 2 I dislike – second of which my sister likes very much). The butterscotch is my favorite!

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