Beautiful Belum Rainforest: Experiencing the Sg. Ruok Waterfall

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Ruok Waterfall is located about 18km away from Tasik Banding Jetty and it is one of the most visited waterfall in Royal Belum Rainforest. The journey to Ruok Waterfall area took about 2 hours boathouse ride away from our docking in Tasik Banding and another 5 minutes boatride away to the entrance.

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Ruok Waterfall entrance. Unlike the Kooi Waterfall where we had to trek more than 30 minutes, the distance from the Ruok Waterfall entrance to the waterfall itself is surprisingly near.

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It was just about 5 minutes of trekking away. But the path to the waterfall was much more slippery and steep than the one to Ko’oi Waterfall. It was a much easier trekking in comparison to Sg. Kooi Waterfall but a guide is compulsory should you enter this area.

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One thing to note; the place is actually a freshwater fish sanctuary, any fishing activity is not allowed in the area. So you will find shoals of fish, either Kelah, Tengas or Temoleh swim around. Fish feeding or swimming with the fishes, however is allowed at Ruok Waterfall.

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The Ruok Waterfall. It has 3 tiers of falls but the 3rd tier is closed to the public.

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Ruok Waterfall’s other feature is that it has deep pool and therefore, swimming without a lifejacket over here is strictly prohibited.

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If you want to take a swim, or even just a dip over here at Ruok Waterfall, please make sure that you are equipped with a lifejacket vest before you jumped into the deep pool of Ruok Waterfall.

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Water has always been my element. I have no qualms in watery places, no matter how dangerous or mysterious they are.

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And here’s me, at the deepest part of the Ruok Waterfall pool. I’m not sure how deep the pool is, but one thing for sure is that it has to be at least 2 or 3 metres deep as when I swam in the pool, my feet does not even touch anything.

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Unlike the Tasik Banding where the water is calm, warm and soothing, the Ruok Waterfall is anything but that. The water temperature over here is very low and it felt as if you can bathing in ice cold water.The fall’s shower at this tier of the waterfall is stronger than the other and floating beneath this cold shower feels like getting a rough shiatsu massage. It pricks the skin almost painfully but at the same time, it feels so refreshing and strange enough, it soothe all the tense muscle knot. Instead of feeling pain all over my body after showering underneath, my body felt completely relaxed instead once I stepped out of the shower. It’s simply amazing. Mother Nature never cease to amaze me with it’s nurturing and healing wonder.

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My husband and son showering underneath Ruok’s fall.

We wanted to stay longer at Ruok’s Waterfall to enjoy what it has to offer but the weather wasn’t really favourable that day. It started to get dark and we had to make our journey back to the boathouse before it rains but alas, it rained nevertheless and we ended up riding the speedboat in the rain. But all was still good. Our guide Uncle Joe made sure we arrived safely at the boathouse and this is definitely another new experience for me and my family.

Note: A visit to Ruok Waterfall at Royal Belum State Park is part of the 2D1N Royal Belum Houseboat trip’s itinerary. The trip was organized by Caravan Serai Holidays. You may read the full trip experience HERE. For those who are interested to join the 2D1N Royal Belum Houseboat trip organized by Caravan Serai Holidays may hop over HERE for more information. Package for a 2D1N starts as low as RM199(+RM70 for two way bus transfer from Kuala Lumpur to Tasik Banding Jetty) per pax.

Note: All the pictures in this article was taken with Nikon Coolpix W100, with minor watermark edits.

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