Beautiful Belum Rainforest: Trekking to Sg. Kooi Waterfall

After an educational and humbling time in the aborigines settlement, we board the houseboat again and off to our next destination; to the Sungai Kooi Waterfall. (Pronounced as ‘Ko’oi, which means beautiful) The journey from Kg. Aman Damai to Kooi Waterfall area takes about 1 hour via the boathouse that’s docked at Tasik Banding and another 10 minutes boatride to the entrance.

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Here’s a picture of us riding the boat to the Kooi Waterfall entrance from Tasik Banding.

Kembara #dekatje: A Boatride to Sg.Kooi Waterfall Entrance

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2017-04-04.

A video of us riding the boat to the Kooi Waterfall entrance.

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Family pic at the entrance of the Sungai Kooi Waterfall before trekking

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To access the Kooi waterfall, about 30 minutes of jungle trekking is required.

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Trekking to Kooi Waterfall was quite tough. Well, at least for me it was quite tough as the route to the waterfall was was pretty steep and slippery and my husband and son had to wait for me as I take my own sweet time walking, but I think we did quite fine nevertheless. My teenage son fared better than I did and helped me out quite a few times, especially when we were climbing up and down steep and slippery path.

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We saw quite a few interesting things during our trekking. And here’s one of it; a huge 200 years old tree. This tree is actually hallow inside and once it is knocked, it will produce loud resounding sound that can be heard for kilometres in the forest. The tree is commonly used as a mean of communication among professional trekkers or aborigines who are out hunting to send signals to each other; more often than not, it is used to send distress signal. The huge tree is also commonly used as a resting place a place to hide from wild animals.

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Me, taking a break for a little while at the tree.

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I’m not a professional hiker so I find the experience pretty taxing on my energy reserve, with rocky and slippery path and all, but it was indeed a wonderful experience for the three of us.

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The unique feature of the Kooi Fall is that it spreads like a shower. Breathtaking, don’t you think? It was getting late and quite dark when we finally arrived at the waterfall, so we did not take a shower underneath it and opt to head back instead. Such a shame, but I’m still glad we went there nevertheless. It was indeed worth all the troubles.

Note: Trekking to the Sungai Kooi Waterfall at Royal Belum State Park is part of the 2D1N Royal Belum Houseboat trip’s itinerary. The trip was organized by Caravan Serai Holidays. You may read the full trip experience HERE. For those who are interested to join the 2D1N Royal Belum Houseboat trip organized by Caravan Serai Holidays may hop over HERE for more information. Package for a 2D1N starts as low as RM199(+RM70 for two way bus transfer from Kuala Lumpur to Tasik Banding Jetty) per pax.

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