Beautiful Island Escapade: Cooking Demo in Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Resort

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During the second day of our stay in Berjaya Tioman Resort during our TICD 2016 trip, we were presented with a cooking demo by a team of chefs in Restaurant Sri Nelayan during our lunch break.

Cooking Demo at Sri Nelayan Restaurant, Berjaya Tioman Resort: Pan Seared Norweigian Salmon

The first demonstration was Pan Seared Salmon with Orange Emulsion. During this session we were shown how to perfectly sear a salmon without drying up the fillet with the ‘moisture lock’ technique. It was interesting and educational to say the least.

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Pan Seared Salmon with Orange Emulsion was an interesting dish with a twist.

Cooking Demo at Restaurant Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Resort: Australian Beef Zurichoise

Second item on the demo menu was Australian Beef Zurichoise. The beef was cooked to perfection with veggies on the side.

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Australian Beef Zurichoise is a mouthwatering Swiss specialty dish originating in the town of Zurich, Switzerland. Typically served with Rosti, but here it was presented with mashed potatoes, which is as equally good.

Cooking Demo in Sri Nelayan Restaurant, Berjaya Tioman Resort: Kuih Gulung

Kuih Gulung making demonstration

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Kuih Gulung or Kuih Dadar Gulung is one of the popular snacks Indonesia, especially in Java. It is a green-colored folded omelette or pancake made of rice flour, filled with grated coconut and palm sugar. This delicacy is also known as kuih gulung, kuih ketayap and kuih lenggang.

Cooking Demo at Sri Nelayan Restaurant, Berjaya Tioman Resort: Ondeh Ondeh Melaka

Two variants of Ondeh Ondeh Melaka in the making.

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Ondeh Ondeh Melaka is actually boiled rice cakes, stuffed with liquid palm sugar, and rolled in grated coconut. The texture of this traditional Malay cake is chewy and pretty much fun to eat especially when the stuffing of liquid palm sugar exploded in the mouth, oozing with sweetness.

Overall the cooking demo was an interesting experience. Do note that this cooking demo is a special arrangement for us members of the media and is not an activity that is available for public in Berjaya Tioman Resort. I do believe, however, if you are going in large groups or with a tour company’s FAM trip to Berjaya Tioman Resort, arrangements for cooking demonstrations can me made upon request.

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