Beauty for Ashes

‘Beauty for Ashes’  by Dorothy Love is quite a leisurable an inspirational read. It reminds me that to have something better in life, sometimes, we need to leave what we already have behind in order to pursue for something better. We got to be brave, and be willing to leave our comfort zone for that. And sometimes, to get want we want, we need to turn deaf ears towards the scrutinizing society who more often than not, will condemn you for doing something out of ordinary.

The story is quite slow for me, but it’s an okay read. Highly recommended for people who wants an inspirational fiction. This book will remind us all that having faith in God’s plan can’t really be a bad thing as it always turns out better at the end of the day.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars. I received an ARC of this book from Thomas Nelson Publisher via Booksneeze. I was not required to write a positive review for this book.

Book description:

She’s a beautiful young widow. He’s a Southern gentleman with a thirst for adventure. Both need a place to call home.

After losing her husband in the Civil War, Carrie Daly is scared she will never have the family she longs for. Eligible bachelors are scarce in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee, but Carrie Daly has found love. Not the weak-in-the-knees kind, but something practical. Still, she isn’t quite ready to set a wedding date with Nate Chastain.

Griff Rutledge is a former member of Charleston society, but has been estranged from his family for years. He’s determined to remain unattached, never settling in one place for too long. But when asked to train a Thoroughbred for an upcoming race in Hickory Ridge, he decides to stay awhile.

Despite objections from the townsfolk, and her fear that true happiness has eluded her, Carrie is drawn to Griff’s kindness and charm. It will take a leap of faith for them to open their hearts and claim God’s promise to trade beauty for ashes.

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