Beer Brewing Process

Are you a drinker? I’m not a drinker. I don’t have heads for beer. But then again, even if I had a head for alcohol, I wouldn’t exactly touch beer because I don’t like the smell and what it can do to me.

I know some people who drink beer on daily basis. But their drinking habit made me wonder if they know the process of brewing beer? I don’t know how beers are made, and so, one fine day, I asked a friend who drinks beer everyday, assuming that since he drinks regularly, he would know how beers are brewed.

Unfortunately for me, the friend in question is not the type of person who cares how his drinks and foods are made. I had to Google the information on beer brewing myself to satisfy my curiosity instead, and here is what I found, an infographic on beer brewing process:

Interesting piece of info. Now I know how beers are made.


Cleffairy: How many of you bothered to find out how your food and drinks are made? Or you’re the type of people who duzzin care how it’s made as long as it tastes nice?

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