Ben’Z Yasin Style Raya 2015 Collection

When it comes to menswear, my husband and I have a few all time favourite designer’s label. Most of them are clothing designed by local designers. Yes. Both of us are quite taken to wearing designer’s label these days, but when it comes to traditional clothing, only a handful of them are appealing in our opinion. There is one label in particular caught our attention recently; Ben’Z Yasin Style. It is fairly new in the fashion industry but in my humble opinion, Ben’Z Yasin Style can go really far.

Ben’Z Yasin Style has recently introduced their Baju Melayu 2015 collection and I thought they gave new breath to somewhat traditionally rigid Baju Melayu.

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Ben’Z Yasin new line of Baju Melayu Collection for Aidilfitri 2015. The design comes in four different style and colours. Combining songket and satiny fabrics with contrasting colours, the collection receives mixed reaction from fashion enthusiasts out there. While traditionalists and the conservatives claimed that the outfits are out of norm and too bold, I personally fell in love with the collections and thought that they are not only striking and could make any men who wears them look tastefully fashionable, but the clothing could also be converted into smart casual wear if worn with just slacks and without the traditional sampin.

Below is the four different colours available in the collection:

 photo FB_IMG_1436814402926_zps5ef4qxzh.jpg

PinkHot, suitable for metrosexual men who are bold enough to wear pink.

 photo FB_IMG_1436814395268_zpsedec4c2v.jpg

PurpleStyle. Splashes of colours that makes interesting combination. Strutting in these will surely turn heads towards you.

 photo FB_IMG_1436814386844_zpsz6ii77sj.jpg

OrangeStyle, vibrant and striking, this energetic and cheeky colour one will surely make the wearer stands out in the crowd.

 photo FB_IMG_1436814375551_zpswkpxtua3.jpg

And last but not least, BlueStyle. Among all of the designs, my husband and I loved this one the most. It was love at first sight.We thought that this particular Baju Melayu design by Ben’Z Yasin Style is stylish and elegant enough without being overly frilly. Versatile in the sense that it could be worn casually during festive season and formal occasions.

 photo DSCN1015_zpseeo8qay7.jpg

Local band and singing sensation, Aftershock, wearing Ben’Z Style Raya Collection for their Aidilfitri 2015 MV shooting. Eye candies, aren’t they?

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Far left : Are Bern, the founder of Ben’Z Yasin Style

I had the opportunity to interview the inspiring man himself during the MV shooting for Aftershock’s Raya MV. Check it out:

My interview with Are Bern, founder of Ben’Z Yasin Style and behind the scene for Aftershock Raya MV shooting. Video edit by absolutely free mobile dating sites. The interview was done in Bahasa Malaysia, though.

If there is one thing I can say about the collection is that is definitely visionary and I think it will win the hearts of many youngsters. Traditional wear needs no longer be boring but stylish instead.

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