Bihun goreng pattaya


I have a talent of screwing up things, especially food. Not long ago, Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi gave me some of her homecook fried bihun. It’s one of her signature dishes…and naughty me had to turn her fried bihun into this.

Lol. I can’t help it. I don’t have a microwave and my oven went to oven heaven quite some time ago…I have to reheat the bihun somehow and I think the best way to do it if to make an omelet and use the heat from the omelet to heat up the fried bihun. You see, it is not easy to reheat delicate food like this without microwave or oven as the food tend to dry up. I do this to avoid the bihun turning hard and chewy and to lock the moisture in.

So…apart from doing this, how else do you think I can reheat food without microwave and oven? Is there any other method to preserve the original texture?

Cleffairy: Necessity is the mother of invention.


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