Facebook: YES or NO?

Do you communicate with your other half through Facebook or other social media websites? I don’t know if you do it, but I do. Some may find it queer, and distateful, even, but I don’t. I find it a rather effective means of communication where I can be extremely sure that my other half gets my message.

You see…despite of the convenience of communicating through the phone… via sms and calls…I find Facebook a much more effective means of communication. Calls are always missed (Sometimes he’s driving and he will forget to return my calls). Sms-ses are always ignored, forgotten, and sometimes, regarded as SPAM but Facebook? Nah… the message stays there safely and I can be sure that the message is sent to his email as well as he’s usually subscribed to those update notifications. 😀 Facebook is not all evil, you know? Nothing is ever really evil if you really make good use of it. A gun on it’s own is not evil. The one who pulls the trigger to shoot the innocents is evil. Not the gun itself.

You might find it funny, amusing and irritating when you see me tagging my husband or my friends on Facebook for trivial or personal matters. You may wonder why I don’t choose to do it through a much more conventional means of communication…but hey…I don’t see communicating with my husband through Facebook is wrong.

I, for one, can proudly say that I don’t go around flirting with other people’s husbands and wreck people’s marriage while I’m at it on Facebook like some manipulative and pretentious bimbos. I use it for my own good, and while you see I rant and whine and complain in my status updates all the time, how do you know what really transpire in private messages? *gRinZ*

How do you know I don’t do sexy, flirty messages to my husband through Facebook private messaging system? LOL! I’m an author, you know. I can be quite good with words when I chooses to be. And I can assure you that when I chooses to be flirty, I can be very seductive.

Cleffairy: So, ladies…and gentleman…do you do sexy talks or communicate with your spouse through Facebook? Don’t be jealous, ya…I have my husband to flirt with on Facebook. 😀


  1. Alice Law says: free dating sites for

    *nod nod… I hv no better alternative but to communicate my hb via facebook or skype. Since he always travel, these are the more economic way to keep contact.:)

  2. Alice Phua says:

    As for me, I can’t communicate with my hubby via FB even if I want to becos his office blocks any access to FB (yes, previously some employees misused office hours and internet access for doing fun things in FB). So I still resort to using the conventional phone or email to get messages across.

  3. Cheeyee says:

    Ignore SMS from wife or husband? Can’t imagine this. I don’t do sexy talk on fb. SMS my hb much faster response. Hehe. He can’t access fb from office.

  4. Rose says:

    I actually find that communication via handphone (sms or bb) and facebook-ing very effective. Heheh! I do flirt with my hubby in facebook. If not, we do not even have time to talk. At night, both are exhausted from the day routine and every morning, rushing to work. Like my hubby said, we are living in one room, but dont talk much. Pitiful!

    • Cleffairy says:

      I oso feel the same way… live together but we dun actually spend alot of time to talk and reconnect with each other… unless through facebook, phonecalls, sms, etc. 🙁 Sad.

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