Birdwatching Activities in Kuala Kubu Bharu with Sahabat Media

Not long ago, Sahabat Media was given an opportunity to visit Kubu Bharu for ‘ Bird Watching ‘ activity .For those who are familiar with Bukit Kutu , or even picnic at Sungai Chilling , must have been aware of the existence of Kuala Kubu Bharu Rest House located at Jalan Padang Kubu Bharu Golf.

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It’s famous with the myth about a white crocodile breaking the dam and leading to a British officer being killed to the incident. How true about the white crocs breaking the dam, nobody could confirm it but the incident has resulted in massive flooding that has killed many people and destruction of properties, with just an old mosque and a Buddhist temple that survived the flood .
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One for the album: Sahabat Media ready to go birdwatching. 😀

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Upon arrival. we were divided into groups coupled with an escort and a bird expert .
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Each group is provided with binoculars and a book ‘ Birds of Malaysia ” for the activity. We traveled to several locations said to be a favorite place of birds. During this activity we were asked to be more sensitive and discreet because the birds often hide behind trees and foliage . It is said that there are hundreds of species of birds here and we were only able to identify a number of species .

Among them are’Asia Glossy Starling ‘,’ Black Naped Oriole ‘,’ Magpie Robin ‘,’ Antwren ‘,’ Straw Headed Bulbul ‘,’ Black Headed Bulbul ‘,’ Fantail ‘,’ Bee- eater ‘,’ Paddyfield Pipit ‘ , ‘ Flower Pecker ‘ , and also some eagle . We were amazed and fascinated by the beauty of the Millennium Park; the location for visitors to see the birds. The atmosphere was so different. Refreshing and relaxing to say the least.

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Although the weather was rather unfavourable during our trip, it did not dampen our enthusiasm for finding birds in the surrounding area . According to Ms. Almaz Mokhtar , Town and Country Planning Officer , the birds here will have difficulties to fly if the weather is bad, and they will only perch and nest in tree holes . However we are lucky to be able to see several species of birds flying around in groups and heard the birds chirping. Unfortunately for us though, we could not see the bird anywhere in sight. Just their chirpings.

The experience in finding and identifying birds at Kuala Kubu Bharu was not only fun, but an eye opening experience as well. Looking forward to come back in the future to see the annual ‘ Bird Race ‘. ‘ Bird Race’ is a competition to identify the most bird species . The event is first in the state. Keep a lookout about in in the blog soon. 😀

For more info on birdwatching activities in Kuala Kubu Bharu, please contact:

Ms. Al – Rabiah Hj Mohd Khir
No 1-6 , Extreme Sports Centre , Kalumpang
44100 Kerling , Hulu Selangor , Selangor
Tel : 03-55109145 / 03-55111204
Hours of Operation :
5 p.m – 11 p.m

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