Salmon Galore in Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya

Yours truly is not a big fan of fish. Yups, definitely not a big fan. I’m more into crustaceans, red meat and poultry kind of girl. Dishes made from fishes usually puts me off. I hate the fishy smell and not to mention the bones… oh, the bones are such a turned off. But the good folks in Armada Hotel has invited me to sample their new offerings on their menu: Norwegian Salmon and I thought…fine… I’ll just give it a try as the chefs in Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya has never disappoint. *gulp* So fishes… here I come.


I get to try 7 Norwegian Salmon dishes : Salmon Caesar Salad, Pacific Rim Salmon Soup with Shittake Mushrooms and Herbs, Salmon Tikka, Salmon Tostadas, Salmon and Potatoes Au Gratin, Foil Baked Norwegian Salmon and Salmon Roulade& Oyster Gratin.


Salmon Caesar Salad (RM26) was not only appetizing, but crisps and fresh too. Topped with grated parmesan cheese, the salad is to die for and my son polished off his the plate within minutes. Thumbs up for the Caesar salad, even a kid loves it. Highly recommended to those who can’t do without their greens.


Pacific Rim Salmon Soup with Shittake Mushrooms and Herbs (RM25). Voted everyone’s favourite that night. The soup was creamy and flavourful with generous chunks of salmon and shittake mushrooms. The accompanying garlic bread made the soup a wholesome meal, and small eater would find that the portion is pretty satisfying.


Salmon Tikka- fragrant rice, acar and cucumber (RM26). The rice, though fragrant was a tad bland and has a very strong herbal taste. Initially, I thought that chef should have bothered to include some salt while cooking the rice, but much to my delight, the taste was pretty much balanced when paired with the flavourful Salmon tikka and refreshing cucumber slices.



Salmon Tostadas- served with tortillas, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa (RM26). Lovely dish, especially when dipped in the tomato salsa. Worth every penny spent and highly recommended to those who wants some light but not overwhelming fish dish to sample.


Salmon and Potatoes Au Gratin (RM28). The Salmon was fresh and naturally sweet and complement the potatoes au gratin pretty well.

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Foil Baked Norwegian Salmon served with a bed of zucchini, capsicum and champignon mushrooms (RM28). My husband’s favourite that night. According to him, the salmon was not only fresh and naturally sweet, but was juicy and bursting with flavour. Any salmon fans would definitely adore this.


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Last but not least, Salmon Roulade& Oyster Gratin (RM30). A slab of poach salmon served with oyster gratin. I loves the oyster gratin. It was cheesy and flavourful, but the poach salmon doesn’t seems to sit well with me. Too strong fishy smell to my liking, but to be fair, I’m never a fan of fishes to begin with, and to be able to sit thoughout the meal and actually enjoys it is an accomplishment on it’s own. :)

Overall, the salmon fare offered by Armada Hotel is delicious and worth trying.

For booking and reservation please contact:

Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia
Tel : (603) 7954 6888
Fax : (603) 7956 8088
Email: [email protected]




    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha, sure… if there’s a next time, can invite you since you’re a fish lover. 😀 I’m not a fan of fishes…but there are not too shabby. 😀

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