Bloom&Grow Brings Together Gardening Enthusiasts at Setapak Central Mall

Living in Setapak can be quite mundane. While there are plenty of eateries around, there are rarely events that brings people together in Setapak and so when I heard that my second home, Setapak Central Mall is hosting it’s first plant  event, themed “Bloom  Grow” last week, I knew I had to check it out, what more it will be a great excuse to find some inspiration for my indoor garden.


The event saw plant experts, societies, organisations and gardening vendors coming together for a series of demos, talks, workshops, and a plant bazaar to cater to the growing interest of urban gardening.


It was an insightful event, I must say.


During the event, visitors were treated to a  thing or two about plants as speakers shares helpful advice on the various signs of plant problems such as leave drop, flower abortion, fruit abortion and finding the right soil mix for different types of plants. We were also given insight into designing and maintaining aquaponics, a system that combines conventional aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment.


Spotted some interesting thing at the Bloom&Gloom event; the terrarium plants. These are the sort of thing you would want to plant indoors.


Bonsai being showcased. These are really fascinating and takes alot of love, care and effort to nurture a beautifully grown bonsai.

Setapak Central will be making Bloom&Gloom and annual event and I am certainly looking forward to attending more events in Setapak Central Mall.

Setapak Central Mall is quite a lovely place to hangout and shop at. If you are around Setapak area, do drop by

For more information, check real-time updates on Setapak Central website, Setapak Central’s Facebook page dating during holidaysor contact Setapak Central at 03 4143 5576.

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