Buffet Lunch at Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Day 1

After checking-in to our respective rooms, us Sahabat Media were ushered to lunch. Initially I thought we will be having our lunch at Bayou Lagoon Park Resort’s in-house restaurant&cafe, but I was wrong. We were all ushered to the hall specially reserved for us located opposite of the pool and arcade for lunch instead. I was informed that the food catered is what usually you will get if you booked the hall for catering services or seminar. Now, I’ve reviewed plenty of hotels and restaurants and if I were to be completely honest, I’d say that not all hotel food tastes good, but I’m petty impressed with the taste and the varieties of buffet selection here at Bayou Lagoon Park Resort.

 photo IMG_20140822_123454_zpslfump0ah.jpg

Hall where we had our lunch during the first day, and some meals during the rest of our stay here.

 photo IMG_20140822_123506_zps6lj4ua5e.jpg

There was an a la minute counter outside where hot, spicy and creamy curry noodles was on the menu.

 photo IMG_20140822_123518_zpss0yckruq.jpg

Condiments for mee curry. You may pick anything you like and top it into your bowl of noodles.

 photo IMG_20140822_130054_zpsqmydbmfl.jpg

Mee curry. Tastes all right. It hits all the right notes with the spices and the creamy coconut milk, but personally I would prefer it much more if there was accompanying cockles. Mee curry simply feels incomplete without them.

 photo IMG_20140822_123731_zpszrug8jg1.jpg

Salad counter was available for those who can’t live without their greens.

 photo IMG_20140822_123738_zpsgo8slpov.jpg

Sliced cooling cucumber

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Juicy tomatoes will definitely make a great addition if you are to assemble a salad.
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Colourful capsicum strips.

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Generous buffet spread awaits us


Prawn salad‘s presentation beckons me. Taste wise? The little prawns was fresh, sweet and juicy while the Thousand Island dressing complements the dish perfectly.

 photo IMG_20140822_123610_zpsveb7z6x8.jpg

Stuffed tofu. I gave this a miss but hubby says it’s all right. Nothing to complain and nothing to shout about either. Makes quite a filling appetizer so sample sparingly if you are in a buffet.

 photo IMG_20140822_123625_zpsuuagdbdk.jpg

Potato salad was all right too. Flavourful and the potatoes are not undercooked or too mushy either.

 photo IMG_20140822_123955_zpsrkoujjrz.jpg

Kerabu tauge. Avoided this like a plague cuz I’m allergic to it.

 photo IMG_20140822_124007_zpslnq5ztu7.jpg

Sambal ikan billis was great. The fried anchovies was flavourful, sweet, crunchy and bursting with flavours. Pair this with steamed white rice you’re good to go.

 photo IMG_20140822_124339_zpssf7yvdlj.jpg

Chicken curry was flavourful enough and not overly spicy either.

 photo IMG_20140822_124342_zps3e6tdrer.jpg

Fish curry. I did not sample this. Not really a big fan of fish and I tend to avoid eating fishes.

 photo IMG_20140822_124347_zpsk5gxgnkh.jpg

Kambing Dendeng was a sensational dish and I broke my own rules of not having any dish twice at a buffet. I actually had three scoops of these to go with my white rice that day. That’s how good it was. It tastes authentic with all the myriad of spices and the meat was juicy and tender. No weird lamb smell whatsoever. A must try if they serve this in a buffet. Goes well with both rice and bread.

 photo IMG_20140822_124412_zpszpixfs6b.jpg

Stewed Lamb was sensational too. Mild in flavour and not overly overwhelming to the taste. The lamb meat was tender and fatty. I like this dish too and yes…this dish could have tempted me for seconds, but I preferred the local Kambing Dendeng more than the western way of cooking.

 photo IMG_20140822_124353_zpswkv7mqyl.jpg

Udang Goreng Berempah was great. The prawns used was juicy, fresh and succulent and was bursting with flavours.

 photo IMG_20140822_124424_zpsfkj1ldac.jpg

Garlic Roasted Potatoes was mediocre. I thought it could use more flavour and was rather tasteless. I would prefer this more if it was much saltier with a hint of butter in it. Such a shame, cuz I am a huge fan of anything potatoes and this dish failed to appeal me.

 photo IMG_20140822_124359_zpsebtfd78q.jpg

Fu Yong Eggs are fluffy, but it could use abit more salt in it.

 photo IMG_20140822_124430_zpsdkk6cioj.jpg

Stir Fried Butter Veggies. Gave this a miss so no comments on how it tastes.

 photo IMG_20140822_123837_zpsgmnev0it.jpg

Popiah/Spring rolls was crunchy and adeptly fried.

 photo IMG_20140822_123651_zpst3kxiphm.jpg

Butter Cake was a tad dry to my liking but my son loves this.

 photo IMG_20140822_123639_zpsxy2mou1j.jpg

Moist Chocolate Cake was lovely and perfectly baked. Not cloyingly sweet.

 photo IMG_20140822_123659_zpsgcfelcbz.jpg

Cream Cake. Did not try this one but thumbs up for the presentation.

 photo IMG_20140822_123848_zpsv2oljxry.jpg

Sponge Cake was okay. Nothing to praise and nothing to shout about either.

Overall the variety of food provided during the lunch buffet was fantastic and the food was fabulous. Not exactly spectacular and lavish buffet spread but it was pretty enjoyable and decent to me. There was a decent selection on appetizers, mains and dessert.

Should you want to book their hall for catering services for whatever functions and events, do make enquiries to:

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort,
Jalan Wakaf Utama,
75450 Bukit Katil,
Tel: 06-233 0888
Fax: 06-253 3876
Email : [email protected]
website : www.bayoulagoon.com.my
GPS Coordinates
2 14′ 32.67″ N    102 18′ 23.28″ E
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort Sdn. Bhd.
Amari Villa, Bayou Lagoon Park Resort,
Jalan Wakaf Utama,
75450 Bukit Katil,
Tel: 06-233 0888
Fax: 06-253 3876
Email : [email protected]
website : www.bayoulagoon.com.my

GPS Coordinates
2 14′ 32.67″ N    102 18′ 23.28″ E

The trip to Melaka was made possible by MMode, Santai Travel and Malaysia Tourism. Our accommodation and meals during the stay in Melaka was sponsored by Bayou Lagoon Park Resort.


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