Can you?

Can you write a blog entry without pictures? I can. I definitely can write without having the need to compose my stories with the assistance of pictures. It is not an issue to me. I can go on and on writing like nobody’s business without a picture.

But can you read a blog post without any pictures? I daresay not many pay attention to read what others wrote when there are no pictures, especially if it’s a long winded entry. More often than not, people just skim through, and hurriedly leave comment before leaving or hopping to another blog.

Tsk… and therefore…miscommunication and misunderstandings always happen.

It disgust me when that happen… especially when the comment that was left was completely irrelevant to what I wrote. It’s like chicken and duck talk.

So, how do you actually get messages across when you have no pictures to use to assist your writing? Tsk… I’m afraid I have no answer to that.

Cleffairy: Men are visual creatures, are they not?


  1. suituapui says:

    I used to. I started with posts without pictures…and then people started complaining why I did not have pictures/photos….and when I had those, they complained my photos so small,so blur…handphone ones, and I must go and get a good camera….and if you think they would chip in for that, dream on!!!

    Now they keep nagging that I should go and get a DSLR…. I have always been civil and have always refrained from telling them straight in the face to f**k off! It’s my blog. I blog for myself not for them and I will do whatever I want!!!! Those people, the Chinese say – lay chicken eggs don’t have…shit chicken shit, got…a lot!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* I kena the same thing too, but I share the same sentiment as you. I blog because I want to… it’s some sort of writing therapy to me…to express myself, get to know some people… I dun blog to please others, so I turn deaf ears to those complains saying my pictures are blur and not attractive. Heck, do i actually give a damn? I dun gv a damn, so why should people give a damn too? This is my space. 🙁 And I do not see a point getting a good camera just to snap pics to put on my blog. Getting a good camera is useless if one cannot capture the soul of an object… I mean, I dun hv it in me to be a good photographer, so I dun bother to get a good camera. Plus… it is not cheap… owning a good camera does not make me a photographer, you see… lol… it merely makes me a camera owner.

      Anyway, what irks me most is when people simply skim thru the things i wrote, den simply leave half baked comment that got nothing to do with whatever I wrote. That’s just soooooo annoying!

  2. smallkucing says:

    no pic ah….errr….u know me la…gua tarak gud at language…a pic speaks a thousand words.

    Ya that does happen. Even with pic, some tend to comment without reading

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalor… very annoying when that happens… I’d rather ppl dun leave comment than simply leave comments that will lead only to misunderstandings and annoyance.

  3. MRC says:

    I guess it happens when one’s following too many blog & randomly (of no specific peculiar interest) – ie just following for sake of following?

  4. claire says:

    When I m ranting, no pictures.. all full of crap… but when there is pictures, it means either there is food around… hahaa….
    Depending on whose blog.. some blogs without pictures also I read…but of course there are some which I speed read and leave a comment as u said .. depending on the post la… if interesting enough, will read every word.. (u know la.. what kind of stuff that is interesting, right?) 🙂

    • Cleffairy says:

      Speed read is ok la… but things really annoy me when they suka suka leave comment… accuse u of things, or leave things that’s irrelevant to the topic. Liddat better dun leave comment, correct anot, Claire?

  5. Twilight Man says:

    I was once a book supplier to MPH and Borders. I found that most Malaysians don’t read much books compared to foreigners. So they sleep while reading blogs. That is why my photos are dramatic and loud! I am in advertising line BTW… ha ha
    I read your blogs every line!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Aiks? Now only I notice that you authenticate your comment using an open ID. LOL! Anyway, that aside. I’m a ferocious reader. I practically devour books for breakfast. LOL… ok, maybe I dun eat books for breakfast, but i intend to read and review 300 books this year. Kekekeke… 214 books down so far. 😛

      Yup, I agree with you that most Malaysians dun read much…but I discovered that bookworms are not exactly a dying species in Malaysia…:D Check out and you’ll know what I mean.

      I’m kinda appalled by the disgusting pictures you post up in one of your posts. I’ll go back and visit once I recovered from those dead body pictures. You’ll understand and forgive me, won’t you? I’m extremely squeamish. >.<

  6. Cheeyee says:

    With or without pic is fine with me, as long as the content is interesting. Sometimes after I have read and I have nothing to comment I will not leave a comment too. It’s not that you must leave comment on every post.

    • Cleffairy says:

      That’s very true…*sigh* these days, I’m getting very selective too when I blog hop. I read a lot of blogs, but in some blogs, when I don’t know how to comment on what the blogger wrote, I just dun leave comment. =.= I’m so bad to the point people thought that I am not following their blog anymore. But I think I rather people think that than leave halfhearted comments or things that i did not really mean to say.

      • Alice Law says:

        Yalar, I also prefer to read the scoop I’m interested in…. except for some very close friends, mati mati kena leave some comments!:p

        I always check my stats, so no problem if u didn’t leave comments on my blog, wakakakaka!

  7. Twilight Man says:

    It is okay for readers to feel uncomfortable or happy to read my blogs. Earlier bloggers gave me awards for “Grandma Tales”. That is why many address me as Twilight Grandma! They even call me that at gatherings and inside the gym. How silly!
    300 books this year! You must be the Queen Worm of Books! LOL

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wah… earned some nickname summore. LOL… no worries, I’m still reading ur blog… only i couldn’t really bear look at those pictures(ur recent one, that is). Makes me feel wanna puke. T___T

      Yes… I target 300 books this year, but not sure if I can hit that number, tho, still stuck at 214 books. LOL. To me, reading and writing is both a form of escapism, not a chore… so I guess that is why I like to read so much.

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