Do not procrastinate from paying your debts!

Sometimes you just have to face yourself and realize that you you are where you are because of some poor choices you made along the way. Sometimes we think that if we put things off a little longer, it will be better. But hear me loud and clear, it is not! If you’re putting off paying credit card debt, you need to face up to it. Procrastination only makes things worse, it prolongs the pain and the worry unnecessarily. Procrastination is the is like a thorn in the side, it’s every time you put something off for some reason or another (usually instant gratification). But no matter how long you put it off it will still be there. Taking care of your debt requires you to make some serious changes in your life and your habits. It’s not just about taking the easy road, there really is no easy road. Life is full of challenges and obstacles, and with every one of those situations comes a lesson to be learned.

When it comes to debt so many people procrastinate because they unknowingly trying to avoid the feelings of pain. Addressing the problem is a reminder of the mistakes that you once made. By leaving the task unaccomplished you begin to turn a small problem into a bigger one, the longer you put something off, the worst in becomes. The goal in this situation is to stop thinking about it and take the action to tackle whatever it is that is haunting you. If you look too far ahead, your task starts to seem impossible, you begin to think about how many months or years it will take you to complete it and it becomes overwhelming. Thinking too far ahead is not always beneficial, especially when it comes to paying off your debt. Just take the first step, it can and will change your life.

Every time you put an important task off, or put something on hold for a later time it will make you feel bad over time. Make a list of things that you have to take care of in order of importance and begin to tackle them one at a time. The sooner you do this, the great you will feel. When it comes to your debt, there are many easy steps to take. They do take work and time, but there’s no greater feeling than getting rid of tsomething that is so draining on your energy.

Taking that first step is not always easy, fear is the number one reason people avoid doing what they have to do. It’s time now to step out of your shell and take charge of your life for t he better. Whatever it is that is holding you back, you can overcome it. Devise a plan and follow it, just do it!!


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    aiya…you perli me ke? I know la…I owe u fried bihun …wokay wokay…i go. pasar malam buy vege 1st la. Sorry lo…that day it rained ma, cannot go pasar malam. The other day tarak rain but the vege tarak fresh. I already tell the vege seller to get freh vege one. He promised this wednesday wor…if can get fresh vege, I fry bihun for you la

    • Cleffairy says:

      *SULK* so many excuse geh? Tarak veggie oso nevermind la… bukannya I baham sangat those veggies. Asal ada bihun to makan jadi lah… lepas gian ma…better than habuk pun tarak. SOBSOBSOB. Kempunan dono how long liao leh!

  2. suituapui says:

    Neither a lender nor a borrower be…and pay all payments due before due date. Many young people only pay the minimum amount on their credit cards…and it will accumulate and they will end up paying forever. One even borrowed money from me to pay off his credit card debts – before they took legal action to declare him bankrupt! Don’t play-play!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sigh… like one of my uncles… the credit card debts accumulate til he cannot afford to pay, and asked my dad to help him out. 🙁

      *blush* I know credit card is good for emergency, but my husband and I dun have credit card. Debit card ada lah… must put money inside before guna wan. >.<

  3. eugene says:

    Bankers don’t like me one, cos i always pay on time, no late interest, no penalty,,,,hahahahah, and i don’t use credit card that often, what i can pay with cash, i just do it with cash,,,,,,,,

    neither a lender nor a borrower,i don’t have car loan, cos my car is an old one, i don’t have house loan, cos my wife is paying for her house,,,,,hahahah, at 46 i am debt free,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Cleffairy says:

      I oso dun like to hutang hutang, so everything pay cash… car oso second hand. Hahaha… paid it in cash, tarak pening pening to pay installment. But these days the car keep cari pasal, kaput here and there… haihh…looks like time for a new car… but really reluctant to buy a new one if need to pay installment for long term. 🙁

      Good for u, Eugene…it’s best to be debt free. My dad is 53, and he’s debt free too… well, almost… wakakakaka…he’s still paying for my little sister’s study. LOL!

  4. Alice Law says:

    LOL… you referring to your book debt kar? Just kidding, I tend to procrastinate… mostly due to my lazinesssss… wht an excuse!

  5. Alice Law says:

    tht’s why whn I plan to do something, I fast fast finish up the task… before my lazinesssss kicks in!;p

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