Celcom Broadband Introduces New Entry Package

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I’ve received an exclusive media invite from Celcom Axiata Berhad to attend their Press Conference at Celcom Tower at 10 am this morning where they introduced new entry package to encourage higher Broadband penetration rate.

Celcom Axiata Berhad [formerly known as Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad] is proud to announce its new Broadband packages that start from as low as RM48 per month, as compared with RM68 per month previously.

During the promotional period, starting now till end of August, all new sign-ups for Celcom Broadband packages will be offered a RM10 discount, bringing the price even lower to RM38, for the first three months.

Celcom’s mobile broadband offerings are divided into three packages, namely Entry, Basic and Advance with various speeds and Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limits.

Entry package costs RM48 per month with 1GB FUP limit. The Basic plan is priced at RM68 with 3GB FUP limit while the Advance package is available for RM98 a month with 5GB FUP limit.

Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Director of Broadband (middle); Rohaya Yusof, Vice President of Broadband Technology (right) and Harcharan Singh, Head of Broadband and Product Commercial (left) launching the new Celcom Broadband Entry Package at only RM48

This revamp is also in line with the Government’s call for more affordable packages to encourage higher broadband penetration, especially in rural areas. The Entry Package also comes with FREE USB modem.

Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Director of Broadband (seated) showing off Celcom Broadband’s USB modem while Rohaya Yusof, Vice President of Broadband Technology (standing, right) and Harcharan Singh, Head of Broadband and Product Commercial (standing, left) looked on

The introduction of these new packages is in conjunction with Celcom’s market leadership in mobile broadband since its inception three years ago and also in celebration of Celcom having been acknowledged as the “Wireless Data Service Provider of the Year” during the recent 2010 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards held in Singapore as well as garnering the “Broadband Service Provider of the Year” Award at the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Awards.

Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Director of Broadband giving a detailed presentation on Celcom’s Broadband and its new packages

Amongst the planned activities to improve Celcom’s network quality includes upgrading of existing sites and enhancing its network coverage. Coverage wise, Celcom is the only mobile broadband service provider that covers almost all districts nationwide. On top of that, 900 additional new sites nationwide will be installed by end of the year. Celcom will also introduce Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) 900 in rural areas to provide extended 3G service. At the end of the year, Celcom aims to cover at least 76% of the population.

Celcom has also planned to increase its capacity by four fold by end of the year via upgrading its existing sites to High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) or High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), migrating its sites to Internet Protocol-enabled (IP-enabled) base stations and fiberising all key backhaul nodes. Celcom has also commissioned new IP transit in Kuching to cater for increasing broadband demand in Sabah and Sarawak.

For more information on their current promotion and offers, CLICK HERE

Cleffairy: Thinking of getting going mobile and staying connected all the time? Go for Celcom Broadband. They’re offering the lowest price of only RM38 for all new sign-ups during promotional period.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yea… but Celcom is specialized in broadband only. TM still dominates the market in many ways. I hope for more competitors for better service and better price. More value for the users. 😀

  1. suituapui says:

    CELCOM??? Blerk!!!! I’ve been surfing the internet on GPRS/EDGE for the last few days now – the mobile phone line. Slow as a snail and so tedious to go bloghopping to post comments. WHY? Their 3G…NO NETWORK!!! Dead as a doornail! Sudah mampus!!! No Maxis 3G here, no DIGI…the moment they have, it’s BYE BYE CELCOM!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Haizz… dun count on other broadband service provider so much, Cikgu. You have to see the coverage. I use Celcom each time my Streamyx kapoot on me. Not so bad…but peak hour… I can’t surf oso… slow like snail. Other time is okay tho. I have no experience in Maxis 3G… that one have to ask Claire. She’s using Maxis 3G though. And as for DIGI…. my husband told me that the price for DIGI broadband will drive you nuts.

  2. mnhl says:

    sigh! these few days the Internet line really very slow. Just like STP, I also using GPRS/EDGE, else no line at all! SIL is using celcom and so far no complaint but I thought RM98 is unlimited usage? I din know they have a 5GB quota. Thought only Maxis has those quota thingy.

  3. June Tan says:

    My friend recently just sign Maxis broadband, she said good compare to Celcom. She said Celcom is totally sucks, line slow poke.. connection it’s not stable on n off go DC @@

    I have experienced kena virus on my laptop when I plugin Celcom USB broadband modem >..<

  4. zazu says:

    Well, my 2 cents:

    Good side:

    1) With good reception, celcom 3g (HSDPA) is VERY fast.

    Bad side:

    1) Their coverage map is not accurate. My place which supposed to have 3G (Northern subang 2 area) only have EDGE.
    2) Their EDGE is a very-very sad case of speed. 🙁
    3) I wonder is it because i am living at 2nd floor of the apartment?

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