Celebrate a Year of Abundance in Utara Coffee House, Armada PJ

So, it’s about two weeks before Chinese New Year 2017. Time surely flies. It felt like yesterday I celebrated the year of the Monkey in my husband’s hometown and now the ‘monkey’ is swinging away with the Rooster cock-a-doodling not far behind. Yes. It’s 2017 and it’s gonna be the year of the Fire Rooster soon enough. Frankly speaking, life have been pretty hectic and I haven’t even prepared a single thing for Chinese New Year 2017. Talk about procrastination, huh. Well, I may not crossed off any of my Chinese New Year’s shopping list yet, but I sure know where I can perch on for family reunion dinner and gatherings this Chinese New Year; Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya.

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Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya is my all time favourite place for bountiful festive feast, be it Chinese New Year, Eid or Christmas. Led by the fatherly looking Executive Chef Chew, the kitchen crew in Utara Coffee House is well known for enchanting diners with their scrumptious offerings all year through.

Utara Coffee House Armada PJ CNY 2017 Reunion Feast Offerings

In celebration of the Year of the Rooster, Utara Coffee House kitchen crews have prepared a golden abundance of Cantonese cuisine for your gastronomic pleasure. As shown in the video, a decadent Chinese New Year dinner buffet which also includes international spread awaits. Utara Coffee House have plenty of treasure for you to uncover but in my humble opinion, and here’s some of the must try and highlights for their Chinese New Year’s 2017 feast from the buffet table;

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Yee Sang; with a choice of King Salmon and Coral Clams with Special Ayam Percik Sauce and Salmon and Soft
Shell Crab with Roasted Sesame Sauce. The Yee Sang is priced at RM77+ per portion. Other classic Yee Sang available are the Salmon Yee Sang and Butterfish Yee Sang is also priced at RM77+ per portion and the Fruitti Veggie Yee Sang (vegetarian option) is priced at RM65+ per portion.

 photo IMG_7611_zpsux4p8jfz.jpg

Herb Chicken Consomme with Scallop Flakes

 photo IMG_7616_zpsdey4ymif.jpg

Fried Rice with Smoked Chicken Ham

 photo IMG_7604_zpspporcu4s.jpg

Chinese Wax Rice

 photo IMG_7667_zps7x4zdpeo.jpg

Mixed Vegetables with Fatt Choy and Dried Oysters

 photo IMG_7628_zpsdmtyxwnl.jpg

Stir Fried Four Angles Beans with Belacan

 photo IMG_7716_zpscymtfu1n.jpg

Yam Basket

 photo IMG_7578_zpsyny9ugpx.jpg

Steamed chicken

 photo IMG_7621_zpsnlegu6va_edit_1484077641282_zpsmzf4cvab.jpg

Steamed Chicken with Keong Chung

 photo IMG_7609_zpsatvotzk7.jpg

Chinese Longevity Noodles with Kow Wong

 photo IMG_7614_zpsoc62pz32.jpg

Deep fried Whole Fish with Cheong Cheng Sauce

 photo IMG_7574_zpsclpohzov.jpg

Steamed Fish in Premium Sauce

 photo IMG_7597_zpsx2jqkjqq.jpg

Treasures Hot Pot ( Poon Choy )

 photo IMG_7600_zpsoaafmz9w.jpg

Roast Duck with Plum Sauce

 photo IMG_7586_zpsjxaiyrbo.jpg

Stir-fried Prawns with Butter Coconut Flakes

 photo IMG_7640_zpsjju3wl7j.jpg

Baked Tiger Prawns with Cheese and Egg Yolk Au Gratin

 photo IMG_7589_zpsrwdxmhun.jpg

Chinese New Year Chicken Rolls

 photo IMG_7595_zpsdfchneyk.jpg

Chicken slices

 photo IMG_7593_zps8wiw9ijk.jpg

Sushi Boat

 photo IMG_7594_zpsowmwdclt.jpg

Fresh Sashimi

 photo IMG_7670_zpsdamqhrly.jpg

Assorted Chinese New Year’s cookies and tidbits like Ngaku Chips, Love Letters, Peanut Cookies, Beehive Cookies and Nian Gao is also available for your enjoyment.

The Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner is priced at RM88+
per adult, RM62+ for senior citizens and RM44+ per child.

For guests who wish to indulge in exclusive set menus, Chef Chew and his team has whipped up four spectacular Prosperity Set Menus (per table of 10 pax with minimum 2 tables for private dining) ideal for private dining with family, friends or business.

Health, Wealth, and Luck awaits you when you dine privately in our Banquet Rooms with
the :
Blissful Longevity Set Menu priced at RM 988+
Everlasting Success Set Menu priced at RM 1188+
Bountiful Treasures Set Menu priced at RM 1298+
Golden Health & Prosperity Set Menu priced at RM 1308+
In addition, the hotel will also be selling CNY dining vouchers :
 Diners who purchase 10 dining vouchers between 1st January – 11th February 2017 will receive one free dining voucher.
 Bookings between 10 – 19 pax will receive ONE complimentary bottle of wine
 Bookings of 20 pax and above will receive TWO complimentary bottles of wine

For reservations or enquiries on our Chinese New Year specials, please call +603 7954 6888 ext 4557 – Utara Coffee House or email [email protected]


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