Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019 with Imperial Treasures at Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ

Chinese New Year is all about catching up with your family and friends to share the joy of family life and kinship. It is all about putting work aside for a little while and enjoy the warmth of home. And of course, being Malaysians, it is also about food as well and Chinese New Year is usually celebrated over a variety of food at the table as family and friends gets together. Yes, basically the Chinese New Year scene in Malaysia is all about gathering and enjoying food together but accomplishing the actual scene can be quite a feat, especially if you’re planning for a large gathering. But fret not, I know a place that offers the taste of home, away from home this Chinese New Year; Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ.


Chef Chew and his team at Utara Coffee House has prepared a variety of Chinese New Year offerings perfect to welcome the new Year of the Boar. From 1st January till 4th February 2019, Utara Coffee House buffet line will be featuring a wide variety of auspicious dishes for Chinese New Year reunion with their Imperial Treasures offerings and here’s sharing with you some of the highlights:


Prosperity Yee Sang with Crustacean Coral Oyster. Sweet, sour with umami and plenty of crunch, this yee sang will surely win the hearts of many. And so, grab a portion or two and toss all the way into good luck and prosperity with your family and friends this Chinese New Year.


Herbal Chicken Consommé with Dried Scallop is sweet and savoury at the same time. This soup will not only bring quick comfort to your growling tummy, but every drop of it will nourish you as well.


Pak Far Chicken. Crispy on the outside, flavourful and juicy on the inside. A chicken dish that will warrant for seconds, I must say.


Thai Style Deep Fried Garoupa. What’s a Chinese New Year’s meal without fishes that signifies abundance of luck? I’m not a huge fan of fishes but I vouch for this fish dish. The Thai Style Deep Fried Garoupa is deliciously cooked to perfection and paired with a drizzle of sweet and spicy Thai sauce. Great on it’s own, but if you must pair this with a bowl of piping hot rice, then why not? Go ahead and indulge.


Yong Chow Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf may look bland and uninteresting, but I assure you that looks can be deceiving. Among all of the dishes featured so far, this one’s pretty lethal to those who are on a diet, I kid you not. It’s embarassing to admit but I practically had 4 bowls of this in one sitting and had no actual intention to stop. The fried rice reminds me of something that I usually get from my grandma’s kitchen. It’s just a simple dish but it was so perfectly flavoured. Definitely a must try.

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Chinese Fried Chap Chye with Mushrooms is refreshingly humble but delicious. The vegetables used in this dish is the sweet and ‘meaty’ kind and I daresay even those who don’t fancy vegetable dishes wouldn’t mind having this.

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Wok fried Tiger Prawn with Buttered Coconut Almond Flakes . Signifying plenty of laughter and happiness throughout the year, prawn dishes is another must have at a Chinese New Year’s meal. The wok fried tiger prawn dish at Utara Coffee House is surprisingly sweet and addictive. Another must try, so do save some space in your tummy for this.

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Stir-fried Kam Heong Mussels. I’m not a huge fan of mussels. Their taste is usually overwhelming, but done in spicy kam heong sauce, I find this one’s not only tolerable, but pleasing on the palate as well.

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Mochi filled with various fillings is a must try if you have sweet tooth. These little balls does not disappoint.

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Deep-fried Nein Koa. A Chinese New Year’s special. Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside, this snack-like dessert makes a perfect pair with a pot of Chinese tea.


Chilled Mango Puree with Pomelo and Pearl Sago provides a sweet end to your meal, so be sure to have some of these. Not only it’s refreshing, but helps to cleanse your palate as well.

Another indulgence that should not be missed is the braised Treasure Pot of goodness that is also known as ‘Poon Choy’. Deep in flavor and fragrance, the Treasure Pot is available to order in-house and as a take-away at RM428+.

Buffet Dinner is priced at RM90+ per adult, RM72+ for senior citizens and RM45+ per child.

Fruitti Veggie Yee Sang (vegetarian)- RM78+ per portion

King Salmon Yee Sang at RM88+ per portion.

Both Yee Sang and Treasure Pot are available to order from 1st January to 19th February 2019.

For guests who wish to indulge in exclusive set menus, Chef Chew and his team has whipped up a few Prosperity Set Menus (minimum table of 10 pax) ideal for family, friends or business.

Health, Wealth, and Luck awaits you when you dine with :

The Everlasting Future Set Menu priced at RM1188+

The Bountiful Treasure Set Menu priced at RM1288+

The Prosperity Of Luck Set Menu is priced at RM1388+

The Prosperity Of Fusion Set Menu is priced at RM1508+

The above Private Banquet CNY Set Dinner Menus are available to order from 1st January to 19th February 2019.

Chef Chew and his team has never disappoint, and if you’re looking for a classy place to indulge in good food this Chinese New Year without burning a huge hole in your pocket, simply get in touch with Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ, sit back and let them take care of you.

For reservations or enquiries on our Chinese New Year specials, please call +603 7954 6888 ext 4557 – Utara Coffee House or email [email protected].

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