BAAN109 Offers Muslim-Friendly Authentic Street-Food From Thailand

I’m a huge fan of Thai Lakorns. They are mostly romantic, humourous, action-packed and full of unpredictible twists. And a bonus? Thai Lakorn actor and actresses are mostly lookers that can steal your hearts. But as much as I liked Thai Lakorns, I love Thai food even more, and here’s sharing with you my newfound love; BAAN109.


BAAN 109. “Baan”, as written in Thai;( บ้าน ) means “Home”. And true to the meaning that it’s named after,BAAN109 serves nothing but authentic Thai street-food with the delicious flavours of home; where the food taste nothing like the junks that you get at a roadside stalls but instead taste like true Thai home-cooking.


Here’s sharing with you the dishes that I recently tried at BAAN109.


The dishes that I tried at BAAN109:


A specialty at BAAN 109; Jim Jum. Jim Jum is basically a dip and dunk Thai style hotpot dish where the soup base is boiled for a little while before other ingredients like meat, vegetables and seafood are added together. Most Jim Jum in Thai restaurants in Malaysia uses pork meat as the soup base but here in BAAN109, being a pork and lard-free establishment, serves the Muslim friendly version of Jim Jum instead. The Jim Jum at BAAN109 is pork and lard free and comes with a choice of chicken or chicken and seafood with a basket of mixed vegetables. The one that I tried was the Jim Jum Chicken Set that comes with a a plate of chicken slices and egg alongside with some scallops and accompanied with mix veggies. The Jim Jum was really delicious. The meat soaked up all the flavours from the meat adeptly and it was really warming on the tummy to enjoy. The best part of it all? This Jim Jum contains no MSG and everything are naturally flavoured.


Yam Seafood (RM 16.90). This seafood salad makes a great appetizer. It’s loaded with seafood, especially squid rings. Refreshingly sourish, this dish also leans on the spicy side, making you crave for me with each bite.


Nam Tok Kai Yang (RM16.90). This chicken dish is deliciously savoury and generously portioned. It’s fragrant with the scent of basil leaf. Highly recommended to those who loves flavourful dishes.

Goong Cher Nam Pla (RM16.90). Among all the items offered on BAAN109 menu, I find this very unsightly and repulsive at first glance. Goong Cher Nam Pla is actually a raw dish where raw prawns are served with salad and Thai sauce. But never judge food on how they look. This may not be love at the first sight for me but after being coaxed to eat them, I immediately took a liking to them and gobble them up one after another.

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The Goong Cher Nam Pla is absolutely delicious and addictive and those who likes to eat raw food should give this a try.

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Fancy some snacks and things to munch on during your meal? Or just want something light? Grab some assorted fried stuff that’s on BAAN109 menu, then. The En Kai Tod (Deep fried chicken soft bone), Kai Del Deow (Deep fried chicken meat) and Nam Kai (fried chicken marinated with special soy sauce) are simply irresistible on the palate. They are all great on their own, but do feel free to pair them up with the Thai sauces provided for more zing to your snacking.


Want some carbs? Get some that’s worth all your calories intake. BAAN109 offers a selection of MAMA noodles and here are some that came highly recommended; MAMA Seafood Noodle (RM9.90), MAMA Nam Chicken Noodle (RM12.90) and MAMA BBQ Chicken Noodle(RM12.90). They are not only delicious but comfortingly satisfying as well. They make a good quick wholesome meal if you’re famished or in a rush.


No Thai meal is complete without washing them down with a glass of Cha Yen (Thai style iced tea). The Cha Yen offered at BAAN109 is concocted and brewed to cater to Malaysian palate. The Cha Yen is rich but is not cloyingly sweet than those you usually get in Thailand. Definitely a refreshing and a welcoming change to end the meal with.


Overall, dining at BAAN109 is highly enjoyable. And the best part? The meals at BAAN109 is reasonably priced and affordable. The pricing that I’ve written were taken off from the menu for your reference. However, BAAN109 is offering 20% discounts for their Jim Jum set menu and their Mee MAMA right at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for that when you’re ordering.

For more information on BAAN109, please refer to the details below:

NO. 3, JALAN SS 22/27, 
Contact: 013-2189953 

Muslim-friendly: Yes

Business hours: 10am– 10pm

Facebook page:


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