Celebrating Ruby’s Wedding

So, okay, I’ve been on hiatus for awhile. Some people even start wondering of I’m actually still alive and what I’ve been up to. So here I am folks, still alive. Doing fairly well.

So, what I’ve been up to these days? There’s plenty of things that’s going on in my life right now. Some is good while some others is not exactly worth mentioning, so let me update you on some happy things that I did few weeks back.

Let’s see… I attended my friend, Ruby’s wedding reception last Sunday.


It was held in Dewan Serbaguna Masjid Bukit Aman. I arrived fairly early with my son that morning, so there was not much guests yet. I can’t help but admire the dais. It’s so simple yet beautiful.
And check out the ‘Bunga telur’ wedding favour. Isn’t it lovely? These are handmade by the bride’s family.


Here comes the bride and groom,escorted by cute flower girls.

And what’s a Malay wedding without traditional music? ‘Kompang’ were played to cheer up the day too.

Congrats to the newly wedded. I may not me a fan of attending weddings, but frankly speaking, their happiness rubs on me and I’m glad that I decided to drag myself to attend their wedding reception last Sunday 😀 Will update more on the wonderful experience. I’ve learned so much and there’s so much to tell about it.

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