Chef Kok Chee Kin, The Talented Man Behind The Wok

So, I’ve been mentioning about Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel quite alot in both my articles and my social media platforms. You’d probably know by now that this pork-free Chinese restaurant offers delicacies fit to be served even to any imperial family or royalties, befitting of it’s name.

As you know, delicious food does not magically appear out of nowhere. There’s no such things as the kitchen fairies who conjured sumptuos feast for you to indulge on. There’s always meticulous people behind every delicious food that you enjoyed.

Meet the man behind the wok, the man who made all the gastronomic pleasure in Dynasty Restaurant Kuala Lumpur possible; Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin.

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin is no newcomer to the culinary world of fine Chinese cuisine. It has been a long journey climbing the ladder to the coveted top-chefs hat and the envied position as Executive Sous Chef of the acclaimed Dynasty Restaurant. Since becoming a chef de partie at the age of 16, Chef Kin as he is fondly called by his fellow colleagues has worked at Putra World Trade Centre and as Assistant Chinese Banquet Chef at one of the leading hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Chef Kin joined the hotel since its opening and over the years has swiftly moved up the ranks to Chinese Banquet Chef and finally to his current position as Executive Sous Chef. His culinary prowess is matched by his managerial skills, which has twice won him the hotel’s Manager of the Quarter award. Chef Kin’s fascination for the culinary world was what motivated him to be a chef. Over the years, he has combined the kitchens of the various provinces of China, coming up with his own signature dishes and continues to expand his contemporary style of Chinese cooking.

When asked what sort of cooking style he prefers the most, Chef Kin says he prefer Cantonese cuisine for its simple preparation method yet full of natural flavours. He also likes to inject new ideas from Western and Japanese cuisine into traditional Chinese dishes.

Among the must try Chef Kin’s range of signature dishes are; Oriental Grilled Lamb with Mongolian Sauce, Sautéed Garden Greens and Diced Mango, Miniature Nonk Jump Over the Wall, Peking Duck and Baked Cod with Honey Served with Mayonnaise.

I’ve had the privileges to enjoy Chef Kin’s culinary masterpieces a couple of times, and I can assure you that they’re nothing short of majestic.

Wanna have a taste of Chef Kin’s cooking? Well, why are you still reading this and eating your hearts out? Head over to Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur and grab a bite.

For more information on both Chef Kin and Dynasty Restaurant, please refer to the information below:

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Instagram: @renaissancekualalumpur and @dynasty_kl

Phone: 03 2771 6692

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