The Best Buffet in Malaysia

Ready for an ultra- luxurious dining experience? Here are some of the best buffets in Malaysia that you need to experience right now:

Steamboat Buffet by Country Pots at RM 42

Get unlimited refills of your favourite cuisines at this insanely cheap and delectable buffet station- The Steamboat Buffet by Country Pots. From seafood to Japanese cuisines and from Meat extravaganzas and noodles to desserts and your favourite Pina Coladas, this restaurant is one of my favourite tried and tested a la carte pick of the month.

Address: Country Pots G – 01- 06, Da Men Mall
For Reservations & Queries: +601 77628 5818

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Middle Eastern Cuisine by Hadramout House at RM 75


The flavours of the Middle East have been intoxicating the senses of the world, since centuries. It’s time for you to explore some of their mesmerizing range of kebabs, lamb chops, biryanis, coleslaws and more worth RM 100 at just RM 75 with Fave at my favourite Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant in Malaysia– the Hadramout House.

Address: Hadramout House, 112- 114A, Jalan Bukit Bintang
For Reservations & Queries: +603 2110 2236

BBQ Cuisine by BBQ Town at RM 29.50

Yes, you saw that right! Now you can have those scintillating BBQ potions at just RM 29.50 with Fave that are worth RM 51. The BBQ Town is one of my most famous BBQ stations in Malaysia that is known to serve some lip smacking BBQ gourmet foods which includes gastronomic potions like Sushi and Maki rolls, Assorted BBQ Chicken and Sea food, BBQ Lamb and Beef, BBQ Soy Chicken, Konbu soup, ended up with your favourite ice cream flavours and assorted desserts. #BuffetbelowRM30

Address: BBQ Town, S 025- 026, Mid Valley Mega Mall
For Reservations & Queries: +603 2201 1236

Brazilian Steak Cuisine by Samba Brazilian Steakhouse starting from RM 66


We saved the best for the meat lovers out there. From a sumptuous list of chicken, sausages, beef, seafood and fresh veggies, my favourite picks from the Samba Brazilian Steakhouse are – Caipifruta cocktail, bacon wrapped prawn, Brazilian cheese bread, sirloin and smoked lamb leg. You can have your favourite style of Churrascaria Lunch/ Dinner Buffet and feel the Samba vibe at the famous Samba Brazilian Steakhouse starting from just RM 66 worth RM 89 using Fave vouchers. Use Hello September Fave promo codes to additionally save RM 15 or Click here for more Promo Codes

Address: Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, L3 3A, L3 4A, Level 3, Avenue K
For Reservations & Queries: 03 2181 8212

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