Comfort Food Substitute


What’s your idea for a comfort food? I’d usually go for something extremely unhealthy for my comfort food…they’are usually thick patties grilled burgers with oozing cheese and pickles on top served with greasy fries or the good old pizza.

I was feeling a tad moody yesterday and was in dire need for comfort food. But I happen to need such food at such an ungodly hour and neither my favourite burger or pizza joint is open.

So I raid the fridge and came up with these weird combination: Tomyam yee mee with spinach, grilled chicken drumstick and baked sweet potatoes.

Weird combination but the substitute kinda works for a comforting meal. I immediately feel better after gobbling em up. Not too shabby eh?

Cleffairy: A lot of things in life can be substitute with something else. Sometimes we just don’t know and neglect to do it cuz we refuse to come out of our confort zone.


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