Compulsory HIV Screening, Anyone?

It irks me to see that the government is being discriminative again by proposing compulsory HIV screening for Muslim couples who are planning to get married. Wouldn’t it be better if the test is made compulsory for all, regardless of their race and religion instead of just the Muslims? By doing so, what are they actually showing to the non-Muslim? That they are only concern for the Muslim and not everyone in general, or they are trying to tell us that only the Muslims are prone to be infected by HIV?

I am not sure what message the government is trying to send across to us, the ‘ignorant’ Malaysians, but frankly speaking, even though to certain extent such compulsory screening can provide knowledge on whether your future husband or wife is infected with HIV or not, I truly believe that it does not completely help to improve the statistic or the stigma that the public is having for AIDS patients.

Why did I say this, dear readers? A mere test or screening without providing the men and women about the knowledge of how one could be infected by HIV would be completely useless, as sometimes, men and women practices extra marital affair for many reason-not satisfied with their wives, loneliness, frustration, etc etc.

EXTRA- MARITAL, mind you, NOT PRE-MARITAL. Which means, most gets HIV after their marriage because of their infidelities. Instead of making polygamy easier for men-like offering them Rm1,000 to take a single mom as second wife or something, why not encourage them to practice fidelity and devotion towards their wife spouse instead?

When men are allowed to take extra wives up to 3 to complete their quota of 4 wives, there ought to be courtship before the man decided to take another woman as his second, third or fourth wife. And who can guarantee that they would not have sex before they’re legally married? Who can vouch for that? And how could someone know that the one they are sleeping with does not have any STD or worst, HIV when they are just  fooling around or having one night stand? Is there any new type of condom that I am not aware of that will make some sort of sound or glow in the dark to alert the men or women who are about to have fun that their partner have HIV? Is there some new device that’s similar to pregnancy tester that could detect the virus simply by peeing on it?

People in Malaysia and all over the world usually found out that they’re having AIDS  when it’s already too late. While I applaud government’s new ruling that Muslim couple go for HIV screening before they get married, I do not think it’ll be effective, as no one could guarantee that the husband or wife would remain faithful to one another AFTER MARRIAGE. They may not have HIV before marriage, but how about after marriage.

HIV tests are not compulsory for couples who are already married to each other, and how do you propose that they will not have HIV after marriage?  No one can be 100% sure. If the government really want to ensure that Muslim couples are not infected by HIV, then, wouldn’t it be more effective if the couples do an annual HIV testing after marriage instead of just before their marriage? I bet that is better than just having couples take HIV test before their wedding ceremony.

Instead of just making men and women take HIV test before marriage, why not teach them the dangers of fooling around outside without their spouse’s knowledge. Tell the horny men not to visit brothels just because they are not satisfied with their wife’s performance in bed. Let those lonely rich  and poor women know the danger that’s lurking if they keep some lover somewhere. Scare these people with the horror of what infidelities have to offer, that, would be more effective than just having people go for HIV screening before they get married.

Get rid of the drug addicts punks and educated the youngsters the dangers of taking drugs and sharing injection needles. Educated the young and old, men and women about the importance of safe sex instead of keeping it strictly a discussion that can only be done in the privacy of the bedroom. Don’t go hush hush about safe sex to the teenagers. Kids these days are very curious and dare to try anything, and that does not exclude sex without protection. Educating people would be better than just making such test compulsory, isn’t it? If people are not educated and continued to be ignorant, trust me, no test on the face of this blasted Earth could stop HIV from continuing to spread.

Cleffairy: It’s so hard for people to get married these days. So much hassle have to be gone through by couples. Some might just skip the hassle and live in sin instead. Wouldn’t that be worst?


  1. arc says:

    Ive read this too, in yeterday’s The Star (now Tuesday, 5.30am)
    It might be true that they wont be loyal to each other even they got married, U got some point there.

    Hmm, I think I also read that they cant have their own child, but they MUST adopt a HIV-infected orphan. Is that true? I blv I read that somewehere

  2. cleffairy says:

    Arc, most are clean before marriage, but after, alot men… fooled around behind their wife’s back. But trust me, not only the men do that *points to horny and lonely datins*

    Actually, HIV couple can have children and the child does not necessarily be infected with HIV. Marina Mahathir told me that the chances of a child getting HIV from the mother is as low as 3% with proper medical attention during pregnancy and childbirth after I asked for the statistic for my AIDS DAY Article. Unfortunately, Malaysia still have a lot of stigma on HIV and AIDS. I’m not so sure about they are not allowed to have their own children but MUST adot a HIV infected orphan. Haven’t come across such news. Ahahahaha… where did you read it anyway?

    Jo… hihi… yeah, got such thing. I’m a bit late at writing on this though. It’s already been in news a couple of days ago. 😛 I’ve been busy, so missed out and timing abit off. LOL.

  3. kellaw says:

    lol. glow in the dark condoms for those who are infected..

    they will sue you for discrimination. they will start asking “why cant do without discrimination?” “why must let the others know?” “why cant lead normal life?”

    you want an better solution? castrate the husband after marriage la… lol… just joking but your idea of the glow in the dark condom is really good. maybe some jokers should just come up with it soon. then guys will refrain from wearing them altogether.

  4. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… castrate husband? Not bad ahh, the idea… LMAO… but then if liddat, might as well become les. Ahahaha. But, honestly, sometimes, it’s not only the husband who are playing a fool in one’s marriage. The wife also keep lovers sometimes. You see, some datins got sugarboy and stuff, because the datuk took a few wife and dun care about her. What to do about that? Actually, I think for families, the best solution is to stay monogamous and faithful to one another. Drug addicts, that would be another case…government should do something to eradicate drug addicts who share needles, etc etc, and so something about the mushrooming sex industry in Malaysia. Stop illegal immigrants from coming in, stop taking in foreign workers without screening their health status, etc etc. But this is Malaysia, talk also no use!

    LOL… well… if else cannot work, condom that glow in the dark or those stick like pregnancy testers to test whether ur infected with HIV or not should be a good option, however, no one create such things yet. LMAO.

    Pete, yes, absolutely should make it compulsory for all, not only the Muslim. HIV virus is blind… it doesn’t see race, age, or even religion.

  5. Josephine says:

    Hey Cleffairy, I have changed the settings for the comments, now u can leave comments on my blog without using google id.
    Doing this specially for u.
    I have linked u too.
    I can now visit your blog more often….
    Take care.

  6. kellaw says:

    you try on your husband 1st lol. actually when i read the top part of your comment feel like you also one of the datins lol. hahaha.

    even if got who will wanna wear those condom? it will be expensive. plus how to detect in girl? use femdom?

    if in this case might well as make it a compulsory yearly test?

  7. cleffairy says:

    I’m like one of the datins? I wish lorr… got credit cards to swipe and make the datuks botak all over his body, better than keeping a lover somewhere. Unfortunately, I feel like one man is enough to make my life upside down. One man is enough sway for a lifetime. Actually I know those cuz my mom is friends with some stupid datins… either her gossip kaki or she sold them stuff… so more or less, she know some or their dirty little secrets about keeping lovers somewhere. You know datins la…. like to gossip and stuff.

    If female? those pregnancy tester lorr…. fendom where got so easy to find in malaysia? i think get heroine and syabu also easier that buy fendom.

    Actually, i already suggest that the government make it an annual test if they want to make such thing compulsory in the article above, but i dun think those creeps out there are hardworking enough la.

  8. arc says:

    pertaining to d issue on today’s The Star, I forgot which page

    the word ‘discrimination’ was wrong-spelled as ‘discrimation’ LOL..
    er…is there is such thing as femdom?

  9. Tera says:

    Hey Cleffairy… I really like how you communicate your thoughts out in words. Please do let me know when you are going to publish your first novel (or you already have eh?) I wanna get a hold of them. 😉

    Btw, I reached safe and sound, and Chocolate is a mix Siamese. 😀

    Oh, do you write better when you are pissed? I think I do a lot. It gives me the mojo to write more, ha.

  10. cleffairy says:

    Arc…. The Star always have such funny errors la. That’s not the first time, trust me on this. LOL. Hmmmm… yes. And now you gave me sth to write about. LMAO.

    Tera, hihi there. 😛 thank you so much for your kind words…hmm, my novel? It’s still a work in progress… but not sure if I will publish it… recession hit home and to publish one would cost at least Rm5,000. Oh, good to know you’ve reached home safely. You must be tired after the long journey. Do rest well. 😀 LOL… Chocolate is so cute, I thought it’s a real Siamese…and I din think that you can adopt a Siamese in SPCA. o.O

    I think I kinda abused my readers’ eyes when I’m pissed. Ahahaha… too much momentum in it. 😛 I guess everyone write better when they are angry, don’t you think so, Tera? I will be looking forward to your next entries, so, cheers and take care. Oh yeah, merry Xmas and happy holidays too.

  11. cleffairy says:

    Chris… too bad, the government seems to think that all couples would remain faithful to one another after marriage. 🙁 Stupid blokes… 8sigh*

    … omg, missed you so much!

  12. kellaw says:

    clef shouldnt you thank me since i brought femdom out? hahaha. and you write one whole post about it. i dunno where to get that but i know about it from one of the nurse in red cross while in duty. try the nearest specialized condom shop la. hahaha

  13. cleffairy says:

    Actually, female condoms are created for third world use. I found out bout it from MAC while volunteering a couple of yours ago, and have forgotten bout it til you and Arc brought it up. Ahahaha… actually you can get it at Midvalley, if i’m not mistaken. But not so sure which store. Must be some drug store…. 😛

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